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A few weeks ago, I found out that the stars were going to align and my husband and I would have 3 days to ourselves to do a little travel. We decided to hop on down to Palm Springs - a place full of adult pleasures (and by “adult pleasures”, I mean: sleeping late, drinking wine and going to bed early). We love Southern California and the desert. But we forgot to check the weather.



Whoops. So, we have been looking for indoor activities and cold things. Which is how we have consumed 3 date shakes in 3 days.


I have long loved the date shake and made converts of many. On my first trip to California (decades ago), I was instructed to drink one, though the idea seemed terrible. It’s amazing. The dates make the ice cream carmelly, chocolatey and totally different. Okay, you are basically adding brown sugar to ice cream. Still amazing.


So, please! If you find yourself under palm trees, try the date shake. Come back and comment. Send my STEEM for changing you life. Or just enjoy a little sweet chill in the desert. IMG_8380.JPG

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