Je trouve toujours ces festivals médiévaux très intéressants.
Un environnement merveilleux est montré.
Le monde du Moyen Age vous invite à l'essayer.
Vos photos sont très impressionnantes.
Merci pour votre bel article.

Il est clair que cela nous apparait merveilleux maintenant, mais qu'à l'époque ça ne devait pas le sembler autant 😃
Merci pour votre appreciation 😉

Oh my goodness! What fabulous images. The portraits of the people in costumes are all amazing! It looks like such a fun festival. I've been to Albi in the Occitanie Region and wondered for a moment if this was the same place. This village looks charming and I wish I would have visited here!

This is not the same place, but you could have visited Alby sur Cheran when you were in Annecy because it is in the neighborhood, at about 15 mn from here.... 😉

I wish I could have explored so many more towns and beautiful villages!

I've always loved your edits, I don't know what app you are using but it's fantastic. 😍
This festival must be a nice one.

I use snapseed and make my own settings in it ^_^
Yes this is an enjoyable event that gives likewise very interesting and out-of-time photos ! 😄

🤗 thank you so much for the info, I've managed to download the app and learning the ropes now. 😘

My pleasure 😊

This looks very cool ... I want see this old streets and try this old food there :)
And Also I can make some cool street photography there :)

You are right this is a fabulous place for shooting some cool scenes...😉 I'm happy you have enjoyed the stroll @foxkoit 😊

I just love these photos Barbara..........I remember seeing them before, but I am glad you shared hem again! 🌸💖🌸

Each time I see them it feels like it is always as magic as a fairy tale, so I couldn't miss to share..😉
Be ready to see them again next year !! 6impffaua4.png

I love to see them again and many other magical photos you took over the years 😍

Sensational images Barbara. The next best thing to actually being there is to get immersed in your quality picture stories. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. (U & R )

Thank you much for your wonderful appreciation Trudee ^_^ I'm glad it made you be with me in the magic of this place 😉 !

If anyone knows how to create artistic magic, it is you dear Barbara. 😊

this isnt just a festival, its a step into another world. these photos are so well times and edited that they look like movie stills.

So happy you have enjoyed them @torico !
And thanks a lot for having this post curated with @helpie ehvl7a65q0.png

J'aime beaucoup l'effet sur les photos c'est spectaculaire.

771uah8k4y.png @misschance 😉
cet effet se prete très bien à ce genre d'époque en effet, ça donne une atmosphère encore plus hors-du-temps...^_^

It looks a wonderful medieval festival, wow! I like the atmosphere you created editing the pics (I have to try snapseed ^^) , I can image myself there, between all the medieval people ^^ Wonderful!

I use Snapseed since about 5 years, and I have made my own settings for special atmosphere I wanted on my photos, I love to use it but in fact I use just my settings, while there are even more effects that I don't use or am not interested in...but that is the case in art too, there are numerous paints, watercolour, oil, gouache or tools, brush, pencils, and we choose one or two that are our favourite, and that is also what make a part of our style ...😊

Have a wonderful week-end dear Silvia !

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