Have you ever been to Kotor? (Part 1)

in travel •  last year  (edited)

I came to Kotor by sea, early in the morning.  Gliding silently past the island church – “Our Lady of the Rocks.”

Legend has it that, after a successful voyage, local sailors would throw a rock into the sea here to thank the Madonna. Over many years an island emerged, then a church was built on it.  

 As we sailed further into the gulf, we became closed in on every side by massive limestone mountains, shrouded in clouds. The rocky escarpments outlined by small forests.  

These are some of my travel sketches.  The villages were all tightly clustered against the narrow shore - the limestone mountains too steep to support any human life.

 I was amazed by the utter stillness of the place. 


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 I was inspired to write about my time in Montenegro by @JoyTheWanderer 's recent post  about her time in the nearby national park.  Check it out.   


Margot Duncan (Ph.D) is an artist, author and chi enthusiast who likes to practice & write about art, energy meditation & intuition.    

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