Flower paradise in the heart of Africa!

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It’s found in a little peaceful valley and everywhere you look there are azaleas in springtime.

Venturing out:

Early in the morning, after eating breakfast, our daughter took us out to see the most beautiful flower gardens we have ever seen. 

Heading north from the place we were staying, we travelled through Haenertsburg and the dam area, you can see in the map below: 

We travelled towards the Woodbush forest areas, where the twisted roads took you from one valley to the next. In those days when we took our trip, there weren’t GPS’s to guide you. 

Around each corner in the road, you came across a completely different type of scene. You felt you were entering into a wonderland and didn’t know what next to expect. 

The Cheero Gardens:

Going down a little sand road, we found ourselves along a little stream, and after parking we discover the most serene little dam, nestling between the hillsides. 

To our right was a little restaurant. But seeing a pathway to our left, we decided to investigate where it went. And found this pretty little pond: 

Following the path:

Continuing on, up the path, it twisted up and down dell. Here are two photos I captures along the way: 

Both super possibilities to paint, don't you think?

Then going down, we took a path that eventually brought us to the other side of the dam and restaurant. 

And if you’re very observant, you will see the icon image (above at the top of this post) is actually a watercolour I did of the scene below: 


and the one I painted of the scene: 

The pathway along just there, was so pretty that I had to take of another photo: 

Coming out onto an open area:

We found this scene before us: 

Taking the path we wended our way back to the restaurant area: 

Before getting the restaurant, I looked back and across the dam. And if you look carefully, you’ll see the area across the dam, where I took the photo andwatercolour of the shocking-pink azaleas. 


Back at the parking lot:

Before getting into our car, I took a couple photos of the scene, up the little stream area between the hillsides: 

We did not take that pathway earlier. This particular fascinating pathway led down the stream, away from the dam. 

Wonderful place don't you think?

And if you ever go that way to the Cheeero Gardens, perhaps you could tell me what you saw that way, along that path too. 

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That place is like a paradise. Beautiful.

Wao what a great and impressive photography. Flowers are our life. Flowers gives many benefits of our life. I m so enjoying your photography. Thanks for sharing. @artguru.

Sorry I didn't post for the past week or so. We had a sudden funeral in the family, and had to make arrangements and travel plans. It was a stressful time and blogging was out of the question!

Amzing places i like it really. When I look so beautiful in the picture, it will be strange to watch live. @artguru you are so lucky to seeing this beautiful scene and capture it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Our daughter took us there many years ago. But it was such a wonderful trip, we have never forgotten it!

Yes, you have visited a beautiful place, nature is fascinating. And you got a beautiful drawing.

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I particularly enjoyed your post, so let me buy you a !BEER

Hi dear @artguru how are you and you posted a post after many days but You've covered a very cute scene.
The colorful flowering plants on the banks of the dam are adding beauty.
You've photographed a sandy path, dense trees and watery scenery.

Did you see which picture was actually a watercolour painting I did?

Yes dear @artguru this is your art and amzing work. As looks like 💯 % natural


Thanks for coming back and going to all the trouble of copying the watercolour image. I often wonder how many people really take an interest in our posts. It's so discouraging when we get basic comments. Bless you.

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Hey @artguru, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Sorry I don't drink beer. But it was a kind offer.