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Hello steemians,

For my project, I've selected some of my yesterday favourite posts chosen from among my daily "Manual curation report".
If you will, you could give them all a read and you can leave comments to the respective posts if you like them. I guess the authors don't mind a small vote as well.. better to get something than nothing!

I wish to specify clearly that itsn' a subscription service; I mean, gratis, no charge for authors. If you want, you can upvote this post but it is neither mandatory nor required.

I'm just trying to be supportive of good authors, or at least those that in my opinion are good contributors.


MY CHOICE (alphabetically by author):

Robert Sepehr

by @andrewmarkmusic

Flower paradise in the heart of Africa!

by @artguru

화피1 - 절절한 요괴 액션 사랑이야기 ~~

by @centering

30 Percent Of Millennials Say They Have “No Friends”

by @earthcustodians

육개장 맛집 '이화수'

by @jeehun

No shelter left but your self

by @julianhorack

수뿌레 닭갈비

by @leekowoon

[ENG] Steem Engine: request for improvements or external tools. // [ITA] Steem Engine: richiesta miglioramenti o di applicazioni esterne.


[일상] 미스터피자 9900원 피자 뷔페 이용 후기~

by @mspower

푸치니의 생가가 있는 성곽의 도시, 루카 [Lucca, Tuscany, Italy]

by @sklara

텐동 맛집 나이스 샤워

by @skuld2000

SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #40

by @steemchiller

To The Stars Academy “imply” they have obtained meta-materials from a UFO

by @theouterlight

Trump's Alarming Speech Paves Way For PreCrime, Censorship, Loss Of Rights & US War Focus Carries On

by @tlavagabond

Reputation 68, have my thoughts changed about the blockchain?

by @wwf

Le Mans 1956

by @zyx066

Let me know with a comment to this post, if you have comments to this post or have suggestions for my curation project. I'me always open for positive criticism and improvements!

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