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We are in October and whales are migrating in the south of Australia and in Antarctica. We stop at Cape Naturaliste, a beautiful place where we will observe the whales!

We climb a hill and walk a few minutes before arriving on this wooden bridge.

From this walkway, we watch the whales jump out of the water and migrate south. We see them from afar and this is not worse because we leave them in peace.

Our next stop is Eagle Bay, a beautiful beach! This is the most beautiful beach of our trip to Australia! (for the time being)

We walk on the beach a few minutes and enjoy this paradise.

Then we take the road to Margaret River where Caroline will taste red wine (specialty of the region). On the way, we come across a pasture with sheep. The place seems idyllic to rest!

We decide to go see a recognized surf spot in Margaret River: Previlly! From the top of the hill we admire the mouth and then descend on the spot in question.

These landscapes without anyone on our photos will be common during our trip on the west coast of Australia. Tourists are less present on this side of Australia and the population is less established. A happiness for nature lovers, solitude, calm, and moments of relaxation.

Not as much housing on the shores of the beach as in France, nature is dominant because of the space on this island that is the size of Europe and its number of inhabitants close to 25 million!

We continue our adventure! The next step will be our best moment in Australia!

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