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It is with a heavy heart that our two heroes, Graeme and Alex, part way with the Anarchists in Acapulco. The past few weeks were spent by getting to know the people in the community. Learn from them:

  • how to communicate (Non-Violent Communication)
  • how to get in touch with your subconscious (Soul Bonding)
  • how to organise without a hierarchy (Octalogues)

The eyes are set on another gathering of Anarchists. But more on that in the upcoming days!

Stay tuned for more and follow our Adventures in Healing




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If you want travel to indonesian, You have to visit this place, this place is so wonderful klik here you will not regret 😊😊
Thank you @adventurehealing

Good to see other vloggers here :) Keep it up!


yesss! Join the community! nice to meet you, @shinidantiv

Your guy's time here was also appreciated. Looking forward to your return already! Enjoy!


Times will be epic