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Shimla: The Unforgettable Memories

People collect goods.
But a traveller collects memories.
The memories which are intangible, but can never be forgotten.
The memories which are never erased.
The memories you keep carrying.
The memories which last till your life ends.

Shimla is a place to collect memories and moments. There are many different types of sights in Shimla and nearby areas including green valleys, small treks, temples, many adventure sports places. Shimla has something for people of any age group, with different taste and flavors. It has snowfall for ice-skaters, fog, and rain for monsoon lovers, a variety of local, national and international cuisines for food lovers and much more for others.


What Attracts People to Visit Shimla:

Shimla is filled up with a lot of attractions which make this place one of the most visited hill stations in India. As the name suggests, a hill station is a town located in the hills which are at a higher elevation as compared to nearby plain areas.

  • Any time in a year is the best time to visit Shimla. Unlike any other hill station, this place is always a tourist spot in fog, summers, rainy seasons and winters. This site never runs in offseason mode
  • A toy train journey which puts you very close to nature.
  • Ice skating in the snow.
  • A lot of green valleys all around.
  • A view of India-China border from Naldhera.
  • The oldest and the most beautiful golf course in India.

My Unforgettable Memories With Shimla

A few months back, I attended my best friend's wedding in Solan and then also planned to visit Shimla which is just 50 km from Solan. Solan is also a hill station but a very famous one. The beauty of this place is also scenic.


A view of Solan

Before visiting this site, I heard a lot about the exciting toy train experiences. A toy train is a mini version of the actual train with shorter bogie length and with only 3-4 bogies connected which resemble a toy. There are many sharp curves/turns in the hills, so trains with longer bogie size and a large number of compartments are prone to derailing. I also chose the toy train to travel to Shimla. I started my journey in the morning at 11. The toy train journey is a slower one and took me about 3 hrs to reach Shimla. But, this toy train journey was the best part of my Shimla travel. The trip from Shimla to Solan is all through the hilly areas. The train goes from many small tunnels, through lush green forests. The slow speed of train and greenery all around pulled me close to nature. The toy train runs so slow that sometimes I felt like coming out of the train and run in parallel with the train.


A click of toy train from my guest house


A toy train journey

I had a list of places that I wanted to visit during this trip including local sightseeing and few places nearby Shimla. I settled for local sight-seeing which included Mall Road, Lower Bazar, Upper Bazar, Lakkad Bazar and Jakhu Temple. All these places are nearby which made me cover all of these sites in lesser time.
Mall Road is the central market and a no traffic zone. Everyone regardless of gender and age needs to visit this place by walking. And this is the reason that you rarely find any local person who is obese. I attended the mall road multiple times during my visit to Shimla because I had a different experience at different times of a day. In the early morning, I was shivering due to the cold weather, and there was fog all around. In the afternoon, the temperature was almost touching 25 to 30-degree Celsius. You will see glow shines which are the advertising screens all around the Mall Road at night, and it looks like a city of lights. At the center of the Mall Road, Indian national flag is hoisted and also has multiple screens to show various videos of different part of Shimla. Here, one can enjoy the different flavors of ice-cream, mouth-watering local snacks, and horse riding.


Mall Road


Mall Road clock house

I crossed the Mall Road and entered into Lakkad Bazar. Lakkad means wood and ****Bazar*** indicates market. So, it's a market where you find wooden goods. I saw lots of extraordinary wooden items here including various car shaped wooden toys, wooden bowls, slippers, clocks, etc. Then, I visited Lower Bazar and Upper Bazar which are adjacent to the Mall Road. In the past Upper Bazar was a market for royal and high-class people. And, Lower Bazar was a market for labor and other lower class people.

In the evening, I headed towards Jakhu temple which is about 2 km walk from the Mall Road. But, that 2 km walk was a steeper one, and difficult to walk on. I felt like walking on a 45-degree angle surface from the plain. This temple is devoted to Hindu deity, Hanuman and is at the highest peak of Shimla. Lord Hanuman is known as the remover of dangers. Jakhu is famous for world's most giant idol of Hanuman which is about 108 feet in length, and one can see this idol from any part of Shimla and outskirts.



There is a board at the beginning of the way to Jakhu which helps people to know their fitness level according to their age. I also started walking on this road and found fewer companions on the way as it was quite late in the evening. It took me around 35 minutes to reach the place, and I came to a category of fit as per the board in the image. Jakhu temple is a beautiful place with a significant concrete ground and in the middle of the field one witnesses the giant statue of Hanuman. I spent few minutes in the temple and came back to Mall Road again.




View of Shimla from mid way to Jakhu temple

The next morning I woke up early and saw fog all around the mountains. These are few captures of the beautiful morning I witnessed.


A foggy morning


A foggy morning

Top Three Tips:

  • Investing time in toy train travel is worth. You will get to explore the treasuries of great Himalayas. Go for it.
  • Keep carrying warm clothes with you. You never know when the weather changes.
  • Try visiting Jakhu temple in the morning time. Monkeys and other animals shout more in the evening which might make your experience a bitter one.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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Beautiful words .. well done
truth.. The traveller collects memories .. good for you
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure‏.

Excellent pictures. Thanks for the tour!


Shimla is somewhat similar to Murree and northern areas here. So much nature and beauty. You will feel like refreshed and intoxicated after visiting such hill stations.

Yes I agree - just looking a the pictures make you feel relaxed.

If you are in love with mountains..And..Natural beauty not shimla, moonnaar in kerala is the place…temp never go above 10 degrees..So it's good in summer..N ..In winter you can enjoy the the beuty of living

Wao. though i am in Nigeria right now but my desire has been aroused to visit Shimla. it will be a great sin not to visit an awesome place like this in my lifetime

Murree is indeed very beautiful as well. :)

shimla is one of the best states in our india, the weather there is similar to kashmir, like kashmir, shimla also receives heavy snow and is having a very pleasant weather conditions, people's come from different states and visit shimla and kashmir as well...

Hmmmmm you from Pakistan sir I am too from Abbottabad here is also Shimila hill that is so famous in Abbottabad..

I just heard it was interested, what else visit. A beautiful experience is an experience that can be shared keteman friends around us, and I need support from people like you

Oh it feels good when someone visits our country and then attempt to turn things he has seen here into words..

It is always refreshing. One gets a sense of satisfaction on visiting this place.

Im totalt new at this Steem, but i Will Surrey follow your blog since i do Love travell and to experience more unusuall things.

yeah i agree, when i saw this pictures i feel relaxed

Great looking images makes me want to go there and just chill out.. thanks for sharing


you are very lucky man

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hilly areas are very admiring and peacful

So true! Make me want to grow wings, fly over there, and just meditate. Peaceful!!!

Yes! You are right :)

This is amazing, thank you so much! Great pictures

Great post I Love India I Hope to visit I have a list of places for my Bit Coin Bucket list when it hits $100,000 Come follow my journey I have followed you thanks

India welcomes you @newmarket65

@Newmarket65 you are very genius, visit once to my post thank you may succes friend

I think I have to visit there one day! 😊

honestly, I would recommend you visit small villages around Shimla. Shimla is beautiful but full of tourists. Himachli (people from that region) are among the among nicest and helpful people you will find in India.

You are right! @mortyc137
We get the real Shimla in nearby villages/areas!!!

the nature here is simply amazing!

Great pictures, hopefully i'll get to travel there one day. Travellers to collect memories but sometimes there are too many memories. Wish I had a better memory storage device. Can someone create this please?

This town looks like there is incredible history.

Thanks for sharing!


If you want to go Heaven then go to shimla
Shimla is a pride of our India

Thanks for this comment :)

Lived near shimla. Frequently visited there during my stay in Himachal. My highlights were:

  • Walking on mall road. We would walk 2-2.30 hours continuously with friends. Had a term for it "Gedi Marna".
  • Momos at Krishna Bakery, mall road
  • Chadwick Fall, you should visit it. A small water fall after a 15 mins trek. Generally, no one is there. If it's not cold and not much water, you can have a natural shower.
  • Heritage Toy train: Some breath taking view during it's 4 hour Shimla to Kalka journey.
  • Went to St. Bede's college for a cultural program. Hands most beautiful place in Shimla (-:
  • Don't visit Kufri. Too much hype and no fun.

There are amazing places to trek and camp around Shimla. Spend a day in Shimla and hike some beautiful trails.
*flies away*

:) :) :)
Very nice
Thanks for this :)

nice trip!

I am also want to visit Shimla one day in my lifetime.

Wow. What a beautiful scenery....

It s a great place..Shimla is one of India’s most popular hill resorts, buzzing.
Traffic is banned from the central part of town, so walking is pleasant
From mid-July to mid-September, Shimla is frequently wreathed in cloud, and in winter it often gets a carpeting of snow

It keeps residents of Shimla fit. :)

Great adventure, looks fun

what a beautiful sight to behold, the arts are just amazing

your word like the silent stone....and images like silent mountain of ice....

.Upvot and resteem. best acts on steemit...with a pitch perfect delivery.

Close to heaven.

I’m living in Shimla since 10 yrs. I believe if you want peace from the various “noises” of the world, then this is the place you are looking for. Living in any part of the Himachal will give you immense peace and pleasure.

very cool my friend. your job is absolutely perfect. and you have a unique talent. develop your brother's talent, because you have everything.

THANKS!--for sharing this beautiful Himachal Pradesh trip-- I pray I cud also walk on the roads of that cool pleasant place.I love snow cap view of the Himalayas. I could spend even days just sitting on hotel balcony admiring the views--awesome beauty created by a GREAT GOD!!! GODBLESS u

The mind will always remain in Traveling

Amazing article, very well written it's as if I'm there with you. Also pictures are awesome

Its one of the most beautiful city India have after Kashmir . i have been there once and I was like totally amused and in awe of that place. Incredible , just incredible.

Shimla is really by toy train gives amazing view, and off course it’s true that one can visit Shimla at any point of time, any day of the month and any month of the will find nice weather all during the year...specially from December to February when it snows...
Very well described article...hats off to you @adsactly...keep sharing lovely moments 👍

A dying friend once told me, ‘I wish I hadn’t spent so many Mondays wishing it were Friday. I also wish I had made better use of those Fridays, for better stories on Monday.

Wow amazing photography sir.You always uploads interesting and important post sir. RIndia-Tigers-Taj-Mahal-sh_180918317-720x432.jpgeally very good for your post…

Amazing photo!!!!

Great post @qagiri from @adsactly, Shimla looks absolutely beautiful.

I am starting a project called the Steemit Success Initiative, which is a project that aims to increase the amount of accounts on Steemit, as well as help beginners grow on the platform. I'm planning to do it full time once I get the support, and I will then travel four three to four months while working on this project.

I will let you know if I add Shimla to one of the places that I plan to visit! Thanks again for sharing.

Wow!! @lukebrn
That will be great! Sure thing, let me know if you plan to visit any place in India.

Thank you! Do you know any way I can get involved with Adsactly? I will do!

Wow amazing photography sir.You always uploads interesting and important post sir. RIndia-Tigers-Taj-Mahal-sh_180918317-720x432.jpgeally very good for your post…

worth visiting place...Mall road is the charm of shimla

looks like a wonderful place :)

Excellent publication! I invite you to visit my publication of a beautiful tourist place, if you want, vote!

I voted in a very nice. hills india adsactly post post and commented and followed you and shared the post so that everyone can see this post and vote in this post

I am just mad about this place, visited many times,thanks for sharing.
Regards @crafter

Seeing these pictures is like Im in Murree. Both places so much similarity in between.

awesome place.. when look at this place just across in my mind that imagines the most beautiful paradise @qaqiri, upvoted already, please follow and then give upvote back to me @taufik.abdsyam

wow nice photo soot ...relay you are a good photographer @adsactly

Every journey has amazing memories and emotions. Let's support the author

Interesting: 'People collect goods. But a traveller collects memories.' Thank you!

Beautiful photo my frends

thank you for sharing information and stories, beautiful places to visit, greetings

Best time to visit Shimla is in mid march

Great photos - especially all the foggy photos of the hillsides... seems like a very enchanting place to visit.

thank you D
please visit in my blog

Shimla is indeed a beatiful site to behold

Mountainous areas are places of relaxation, where you can observe the wonders of nature and breathe pure air.

very beautiful @adsactly!!! i want visit there one day

Memories are remarkable... Nice capture with a good camera quality..

Shimla is across the border and we have Murre in Pakistan same like Shimla i like both sites

Shimla is across the border and we have Murre in Pakistan same like Shimla i like both sites

the best action on steemit with perfect delivery. I really like your post, great knowledge.

The best place I visited here in Philippines which reminds me of your post is in Bukidnon. The breeze is cool but less houses. This will be a perfect idea for people who plan to travel in India. Great idea and experienced @adsactly

keep working like this, good post friends.

Travel shimla with Toy train to complete your travel experience in himachal.Toy train will give you perfect joy to enter himachal and experience those mountains...

You leave me with no choice but to say waoooooooooooooo. Really? Such place like this exist. Would really love to visit this place., so beautiful with ancient landmark.
Love pictures.

You leave me with no choice but to say waoooooooooooooo. Really? Such place like this exist. Would really love to visit this place., so beautiful with ancient landmark.
Love pictures.

Thanks forr posst

El paisaje muy lindo, se ve un lugar muy acogedor.

very beautiful, if I could afford I would definitely visit there..!

The picture looks like something out of the last avatar movie

your post makes me want to come.postingsn super

Shimla!!! just love this place. Shimla is in one of those hill stations which is very famous and almost everybody have heard its name. It is also known as “Queen of hills”.I visited with my Friends and it became a memorable and lovely trip for my whole life.

Amazing place,wonderful journey and beautiful pics...enjoy

wow!!! nice photography

Great photography & very informative!Enjoyed your post ..learning about this great place.It Looks beautiful....Definitely adding this to our bucketlist travels @MrBeetroot.

Best time to visit Shimla is in mid march

Whаt а bеаutіful рlасе. Gооd рhоtоgrарhу. Рlаnnіng tо vіsіt thеrе оnе оf thеsе fіnе dауs. 😃

Please help me vote have .

great post man

Amazing :)

very beautiful, I love the scenery.....

Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience would love to visit shimla and travel on the toy train when im opportuned

I love riding on the curvy roads of Shimla. Gotta head back there soon, thanks for bringing back memories

Shimla is a beautiful place had a privilege to witness the beauty!

Wooooooww sangat indah pemandangannya. Luar biasa saya sangat bersyukur seandainya saya bisa berkunjung ke Shimla. Sunggug indah kabutnya.
Selamat menikmati

I am from shimla. Nd one two pictures r taken from sanjauli which is the heart of shimla.
It is a nice place to visit but only for tourists. We get bored living here. But yes during snowfall this place id heaven

memories are something that is very valuable in one's life, hopefully someday I get beautiful memories in Shimla, sometime I can visit her.

very good travel story

such awesome place and your great photography makes them more beautiful and attractive.. <3

Vote beck yes

Everything talks with clouds(building's, trees, HanumanG). Nature at it's peak. Everyone should visit this hill station once in his life.

I think I have to visit there one day of those hehe

how is interesting (qué interesante)

amazing view !

I love this post!! thank you for the personal input and opinions you included. And I loved the photos!

@adsactly, Certainly your journey has been auspicious. I am really glad that you have a very beautiful face. If you were to be your partner, I would have considered myself happy.

Breathtaking images

If people enjoy walking, they’ll love Shimla

Fact: Shimla was known for the temple of Hindu Goddess Shyamala Devi

This is just awesome, i just wish i could visit these places someday..

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