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"Why would something as mundane as a door gather so much attention and love?" I wondered? But I did not understand until I was strolling in Stone Town in Zanzibar.

Suddenly my head was turning. I was touching and feeling. I cupped my hands on the cold brass studs of hundreds of doors. I patiently run my hands through the teak wood, feeling the grooves and highlights. I took photographs. I tried to decode how they made the doors. So much was going through my head… What I felt was a cross between wonder and love!

I knew that I had this thing for doors when I visited. It is because where I was from, doors were more functional than aesthetic. Growing up, we had a very basic wooden door that would get a fresh coat of paint every year. I never even paid any attention to it.

The best way to discover this doors is to walk on the narrow streets of Stone town. People will not ask you if you decide to take photos or marvel. As I immersed myself into the travel experience, I asked our guide tons of questions about the Zanzibar doors and I learned so much. Here are some of the interesting things.

1. The original design of the Zanzibar doors has been the same for years

Stone Town is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site. These are sites/ landmarks in the world that is protected by UNESCO due to their scientific, historical or cultural significance. Zanzibar has a cultural and historical significance because of the 18th Century Slave Trade therefore everything (including doors) is to remain the same in the town.

Watching the town from a high point

You can also see the Arab influences on architecture & buildings

2. Every door has a story

Each door tells a story about the owner's wealth, religion and social class. The doors with beautiful and intricate details belong to the rich and influential members of the society. I realised that some of the doors were very polished while others were very old and faded. Some were just supported by hinges and would fall apart any minute.

Delapidated door

3. You cannot renovate your door without a permit

All the houses and structures in Stone Town are protected by UNESCO and locals cannot just do what they like or make changes. They have to apply for a permit from their local government. We passed by a house where renovations were being done and they had stuck a photocopy of the permit on the wall to prevent arrest and to show any law enforcers that they had express permission.

A hybrid of Indian and Arab door

4. The Swahili doors are very minimal

Stone Town has different influences including Swahili, Arabic an Indian. The influences can be seen on decor and architecture. The Swahili doors are not fancy and they do not have crazy decorations. The Swahili locals are the majority. They do not have intricate details on their doors and it is easy to identify them.

5. The Indian doors have brass knobs that protected them from elephants.

As the Indians came to the strategically located island of Zanzibar to trade in the 18th Century, they brought their influences on architecture. In India, the brass knobs would protect houses from elephant attacks. Even though there were no elephants in the island, they still made their doors like that. Indian doors are very big when compared to the Swahili ones. Some of the doors are also foldable.

The biggest Indian door we saw

6. The Arab doors are rectangular and they have intricate details.

These doors were very beautiful and had details carved on the wood. Most of them were polished. They have vines, leaves and other symbols and patterns.

Top view of the door. See the architecture & arabic influences

View as you enter the house

7. The most famous door is on Tippu Tip’s House.

Tippu Tip was a Zanzibar slave trader in the 18th century. His door is near the African House Hotel, a famous landmark in Stone Town. This is a very huge, old and forlorn door. However, people come from far and wide to see this door.

Freddie Mercury's (iconic lead vocalist of the rock band Queen) door is also very famous.

8. Most of these doors were made of teak wood but now are made of black wood and mahogany.

Teak became hard to find so the artisans resorted to using mahogany and blackwood because they have almost the same characteristics and look. They are also easier to source.

9. The bigger the traders, the bigger the door.

Doors were like a show of strength among these merchants.

Travel tip

Make sure to carry a small door with you when you visit to remind you of the beauty of the doors.

Authored by and photographed by: @jeanwandimi

Cameras used: Canon G7X and Canon Rebel t5i*

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Yeah, It is definitely correct to say that the doors show the wealth of the person. In India the biggest example of such door is Buland Darwaja - Main Entrance for the Palace at Fatehpur Sikri, built by Emperor Akbar to celebrate his victory of Gujrat. The door is the symbol of power and riches of Mughal Dynasty.



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Your photos capture the tiered architecture found across Zanzibar....Arab, Indian, Swahili and European. We recommend a travel diary app called Esplorio. It's a great way to document a journey.


I need to check that out. Seems they do not have an android app?

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There are so many doors to open. A very little key will open a very heavy door. A little "thank you" that you will say to someone for a "little favour" shown to you is a key to unlock the doors that hide unseen "greater favours". There is so many things you can do with the doors, you can open, close, knock, break...I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities. And then there is this one most important door, Door to Heaven!


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Stone Town in Zanzibar Is really a historical place. I appreciate the way the government play a big role in keeping such history intact especially taking permission before renovating any door. That's in sharp contrast with my hometown, although we have a great history and culture but the government and some people had made our history no longer recognized or remembered by young folks.


It is so sad how history is fading before our eyes. But I am glad that UNESCO is preserving some places.

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It is on the Indian Ocean off the East African coast near Tanzania.

zanzibar.gif Image

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beautifull post

beautifull post

The workmanship on the doors is remarkable both technically and artistically. The gates are two varieties of hint (gujarati) and arabic doors. The brass buttons on the doors come from Indian culture. The brass buttons were made to keep the streets from entering the streets, but this Hindu believes that the Stone Town people have accepted this belief because they use it more for wealth and decoration purposes. The number of gates in the 1980s was 800 while the number of gates coming from abroad and the number of gates due to theft I have heard that it has decreased considerably. I'm not sure how much is right. ! I like your writing very much. a wonderful travel post and very successful photos! Thank you.. Steemitte is a new count and I have a promotional post on my page. maybe your interest is attracted :)


Thank you so much for your thoughtful post and additional points. I need to ask a bit about the theft part but I heard that the teak wood was on demand so they had to substitute. But I realized that the doors are very tightly screwed to the hinges and there is so much security.

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When we forget where we came from or our history from the past, we get lost and put aside our path that took us to where we are, I think in this way because it is the only way I see that they respect both their legacy represented by doors


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Exactly. There are also some Arabic and Indian influences since Zanzibar was a trading area and merchants would stop there.

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