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Kovalam - A heaven on earth

Travel, when you are depressed.
Travel, when you are happy.
Travel, when you feel alone.
Travel, when you are fresh.
Just travel. Travel the world. Travel to the undiscovered places.
Travel alone or along. Just travel.
Travel completes you. You feel good when travel meets you. Just travel.

This time, I would like to share my experience of the recent trip to Kovalam, a place located in south India and also known as Beach Town.

Why Should One Visit Kovalam?

  • This place is famous for backwaters. One can enjoy the delicious meals on the floating restaurants.
  • Many small islands to spend a good time. And the journey to those islands is through lush green beauty.
  • One can see the merging of two oceans, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.
  • This place has something for all age group and people with the different taste which includes temples, places to relax and sea life.

My travel experience to Kovalam

It was a family trip. I assumed this trip would just be religious one since we planned to cover temples mostly. But, to my surprise, this travel became one of the most exciting ones as the time passed.

Day 1:

I had an early morning flight, and out of anxiety, I could not sleep the night before. I got up somehow and managed to get ready in 20 mins and luckily didn't miss it. Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the major city and has the nearest airport to Kovalam. I reached Thiruvananthapuram at 10.30 in the morning. My parents and I were traveling from different locations, and I had to wait there to meet them since they reached Trivandrum airport after an hour from me. Once they reached the airport, we headed to Kovalam which is around 18-20 km from Trivandrum airport.
During our 18 km journey from the airport to Kovalam city, the greenery all around gave us a sense of freshness, and all fatigues due to short sleep and travel were no more.
We were so fortunate to get to a resort that was situated just on the sea-shore, and the beach we could see from our balcony was Light House beach. It was a fascinating view from the balcony. You will inescapably fall in love with the early morning breakfast while viewing a blue water sea.


You can hire a taxi at relatively cheaper rates, or you can hire an auto-rickshaw on the day or hourly basis. It makes commuting an easy task in Kovalam. My first day in Kovalam was soothing. We had a walk at sea-shore, clicking pictures, enjoying the beautiful lights and hopping restaurants. The place has fantastic varieties of fish for the seafood lovers.
The food of Kerala is delicious. I had my dinner at Neelkanth resort, the same place which we booked to stay. Many other resorts/hotels like this resort provide services like spa, massage, manicure pedicure which lead to the relaxed ending of a day. One can never forget the magnificent view of the sea with having candle-light dinner on roof-top.


Day 2-

On the second day, we planned to visit Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple first. This temple is the world's richest temple and is always in media's attention. This temple has several doors(6 vaults), and behind these, a priceless treasure is there. After Supreme Court's approval, temple opened these doors and found a priceless treasure including idol of deity, crowns, pots, etc. Still, one more door called Vault B has not opened, and people believe, the person who opens this door has to face disastrous results. Researchers believe the worth of the treasure behind these vaults is more than $1 trillion.





Early morning, we hired an auto and started our day. The temple is in Trivandrum, and it took us around half an hour to reach the temple. The structure of the temple is marvelous. One needs to follow few rituals to enter this temple. We also wore the traditional clothes required. The best part is you can always rent these clothes(dhoti) from nearby shops if you are not willing to purchase new ones just to visit this temple. The peace and beauty of the temple mesmerized me. It took us almost one hour to complete the darshan and parikrama(moving around the temple in circular shape mostly. People believe it calms the mind and we get to absorb positive vibes).

We headed to another temple called Attukal Bhagavathy temple which was situated nearby only. This temple is devoted to Goddess Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali is the goddess of salvation and prosperity. After all the darshans(sightseeing), we had food and took some rest. Lighthouse, Poovar, aquarium, port were the next places on our list.



We reached fishing harbor port and witnessed trading of fishes with a lot of ships all around.




The aquarium is situated just near the fishing harbor port. I think these were the most beautiful fishes I ever saw. They had the prettiest natural color in their body, and even some fishes looked like wearing jewelry and other ornaments.




Then we headed to Poovar. This place is famous for backwaters. Many times, I imagined myself sailing into the water with beautiful trees around then reaching a pretty island. Poovar was the place which made my imagination come true. We reached Pooaver at around 5 pm. You will get many boat vendors who will sail you through the sea and take you to the beautiful Island/s. We started in the evening, crossed a forest in the backwaters, saw mango cultivation, many different kinds of rocks. We reached a lovely island after all these sight-seeing. We were able to see both Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal from there. After witnessing a beautiful and serene sunset, we headed back.





The next afternoon after visiting a beautiful beach, we left Kovalam. I would love to visit this place as many times as I get a chance to visit. We inevitably miss the Kovalam beaches and the charm of the area. But as rightly said, “We part to meet again.” I hope that happens soon.


  • Uber cab services are available here, so, try to go with this instead of bargaining with a local taxi driver.
  • Make sure you don’t miss to visit this aquarium when you are in Kovalam.
  • Vendors charge a hefty amount for arranging a visit to the island. So, be smart, ask different vendors and do not hesitate to bargain.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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just awesome ..
One can never be satisfied with travel
You really opened my appetite
Thank you for sharing your experience with us

Beautiful pictures


Yeah they are




amazing post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you

Awesome review @qagiri. Very cool place indeed. Nice beach. I am sure you had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us.
From the pic, the magnificent view of the aquamarine water, shining sand and a lighthouse supporting it all is amazing. It looks like a great place for surfing. I love to see people surf probably i will learn one day.
I will definitely visit one day. Your pics alone is enough to drag me there :)
I really like that it has something for all ages and group. I also like the temple pics.
One more thing i will ask is if language is a barrier in india. I and some colleagues travelled to Japan once. In one of the incident we hired a taxi to take us to the nearest Metro station as shown in map . He dissuaded us and was not willing . He did not know English and he was japanese ofcourse and he was speaking and trying to tell us something . But we insisted and sat in the taxi . Wow he just went to Red light about 300 mtrs and turned left u turn and there was the metro station behind the building . So he was trying to tell that we don’t need taxi and can go on foot. :)
So hope language is not much of a problem.
Thanks for the post @adsactly.


Thanks a ton @georgechuks
Language(English) should not be a barrier while visiting these places. You will many people who speak English.

Travel is one of those things in life that will help you find yourself and cope with any depression. This is a feeling of freedom, which can not always be expressed in words. As one person said: "Do not spend your money on clothes - waste them on travel - in fact what difference does it take how many years your sneakers if you are on the beach of the Maldivian beach"
My dream is to visit all 7 wonders of the world and I hope that Steemit will bring me closer to my dream.
Kovalam is an incredibly beautiful and picturesque place. Your family is lucky to be in such atmospheric places. Breakfast on the balcony deserves special attention :)
You definitely spent time with benefit. I liked this detailed description of your travel and individual places. Everyone who has this opportunity should visit this place. and a special thank you for the advice, I'm sure there will be people here who will use them there (I repeat that I hope and I will be able to use them someday)
Thanks @qagiri and @adsactly , that was interesting.


Traveling is one of the best things that you can do for your health. It helps your physical and mental health, with many travelers saying that it’s also excellent for the soul.

Sure, there are some stressful and worrying moments. But overall, when you get out on the road and visit new countries you gain in far more ways. This isn’t about just international travel, either. Traveling your own country and being a tourist in your own town can be so beneficially at the same time.

There are no limits when it comes to traveling, except for what you can afford. You can sight-see around some of your most dreamed about countries or choose exotic adventures. Go by rails, car, or even by boat. There are just so many options, and they will all help you in ways that you have never imagined.


Very well said @hollacute
Travelling is an amazing stress buster :). It makes us feel content


good thoughts @hollacute

Never heard of this place before, thank you for opening my eyes! Looks like an amazing place to visit. Gonna check more info about it. ADSACTLY, no doubt, best account on Steemit by far.


beautiful view

I will investigate ... health from Honduras




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Bali nice place to


I just got back from a two month long vacation in Bali. It was amazing!


Whether just to bali .
Many other good place like weh island


Wow all of this is so beautiful! I would love the chance to travel the world one day, its one of my dreams in life (:


amazing travel post my steemit friends wish you good luk thank you


What a good place to visit, thanks for letting me know


Thanks a ton @bitton
Once you will visit the place, you might found a lot of information which is barely available on the internet

To travel is to inspire and to be inspired. Thank you for sharing this amazing article and for being an inspiration for people who has the thirst for travel or for those who has not started travelling yet.

I've never even heard of Kovalam before, but It looks beautiful.


Thanks @endaksi1

Nice post!

The next afternoon after visiting a beautiful beach, we left Kovalam.

For me, it's fantastic to go Kovalam. And who knows, maybe from reading such travel reports I'm not so far from visiting these places!

Really cool travel photos and post! thank you for sharing! :D




Aceh in indonesia

  ·  last year (edited)

See I would post that as well... but I'm 100% sure that was one expensive trip lol

These are some things which you will never miss out at Kovalam Beach, Kerala like: -

Enjoy an Ayurvedic massage

Climb a coconut tree

Wandering past the Chinese fishing nets in Allepey at sunset

Stay with a family

Spend a few days on a houseboat

Watch a Kalaripayattu martial art fight

Drink a coconut

Visit the hill stations in Munnar

Drink a toddy

Take a train ride

Go on safari in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary


Seems like you had an excellent time in Kerala. I'm glad :)


Nice one! Thanks for sharing

Kovalam is seaside, several pleasant beaches during the day where it is possible to bathe and the beach is supervised
During the tourist season, the city awakens with its beach merchants, restaurants (I recommend the Malabar Café), colorful shops, the swarm of tourists and locals.
A nice place to unwind and beautiful sunsets.

I can't wait until next month! I finally get to travel again. It's been way too long!

Nice place on earth!

You have had a nice time there, and you have also chosen the areas that are wonderful in the winter ,,, I also love to travel, but to the areas where nature exists

Looks like a beautiful place to visit.

One day, I would love to travel and go on places that are good gems like this.

I like travel with my best friend and with my family .properle my sister because she is so good charactrestic girl and she undrestand my feelings goodly .when i want to go to walking anywhere she wants my good guard so she sends her son with me .

Yeah, have been thinking about traveling as well. But the hardest part is freeing yourself from responsibility ie family, job etc.


Everything is transient. Adjustment is part of life. My wife and I made a decision when our kid was 9 months old that we would pack our lives into a pair of rucksacks and go travelling as a family for 6 months. There was very little information or useful support available at the time. 7 years later and my wife runs a vibrant Facebook community and hosts a website all focused on facilitating other families to take the plunge and travel without fear. It's not for everyone, but it's not as scary as it initially seems! If you want help in making the decision you could do worse than check "Our Tribe Travels" and leverage on the body of knowledge the community have created.


Nice!!!, que buenas fotos!!! y que buen paseo!

This place looks incredible and magnificent! I agree with you man, travel is like meditation, it relaxes every part of our body and mind! Great post.

Travel, when you are depressed.
Travel, when you are happy.
Travel, when you feel alone.
Travel, when you are fresh.
Just travel. Travel the world. Travel to the undiscovered places.
Travel alone or along. Just travel.
Travel completes you. You feel good when travel meets you. Just travel.

You forget that "travel you are not a tree" lol
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us i appreciate that i respect people like you who is know the meaning of life


Thanks @soufianechakrouf for reading this :)

Hit Upvote if you are from Kerala,India.

Amazing places and very interesting post.

amazing travel

"Travel, when you are depressed.
Travel, when you are happy.
Travel, when you feel alone.
Travel, when you are fresh."
...but, how should I travel without money?

I've never even known about Kovalam, yet It looks wonderful.

  ·  last year (edited)

adsactly it's really the first time I hear kovalam and I'm not as real like traveling to any country this winter and .. my God I look at this weather is better than the weather in USA so travel to kovalam seen Great real like this islands and The temple has a stunning and iconic design

And the food looks delicious and relaxed like you Thanks adsactly and qagiri for this post


Thanks a ton @womby :)



  ·  last year (edited)

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. Travelling makes me speechless and turns me into a story teller, mostly the source of my inspiration. Beautiful pictures by the way,and just so you know,this is my best account on steemit so far.


Seems like travel is one of the biggest parts of your life. Keep travelling going on and share story on steemit


Sure thing.

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lovely pictuers

It's a pleasant tourist spot in 'God's Own Country'!!

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Awesome photography

It is really beautiful. I would like to know it. There is very beach. It has beautiful views

it is very beautiful, the beauty of nature in kovalam. I love the scenery there, greetings @adsactly

Beautiful pictures, lovely story. Btw, that's where I am from! Thank you for this post!

Yes travelling is not only for exploring new things but good for health...

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There is a place in the world where we can go a long way and learn something new like this. I am very happy to have just learned one of these, I will add it to the list for the trip. thank you so much :)

Thank you for sharing, It's such a beautiful place.

Wow, that is gorgeous, thank you for the pictures! I definitely plan to travel more, I just do not like to travel alone >_<

Nice sights...looks like a place I should consider for my next holiday...but?

Beautiful moving story!Thank you for telling us!

And travel if you have time and money :-(

Looks like a great place! I enjoyed reading your post @absactly


I started writing the stor after a dream I had 2 years ago, I want to post more Chapters but Chapter I only has 3 views and it deserves so much more, I put my pain into this story and I truly believe if ANYONE read at least Chapter I they would be hooked.
But I'm sure no one is gonna read this because no one appreciates a good story anymore

Great pictures and seem like great visit


WOW...amazing poem, amazing pictures it makes me want to visit someplace exotic..i was say traveling makes you happy, especially when you can afford to. When we can't, we have posts like these to make it seem like we are there

Absolutely great to visit.i had visited this place.Awesom feeling.after visiting u will not think to go back.nice one.

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Planning to visit India in Feb. Going to Udaipur!

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Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

Hey beautiful pictures,I am planning a Holiday.I can consider it for finalizing the a place.

El sitio es realmente bonito. Espero lo pasaras bien alli. Saludos!

Thank you for lovely description of Kovalam. Are there also a lot of ayurvedic hospitals? We plan to visit Kerala and go there for a treatment. For now we are just collecting information about that so we will be ready when we get there. Well that will not happen so soon, because have just left Singapore and will be around this area for a few months. But there is never too late for recommendations 😉


🌎🌍🌏 all the travelers unite, keep on dreaming, push the envelope, experience infinite possibilities!

This place looks awesome. I see why someone would want to go there

Wow! Amazing photos and amazing article too! You really made me want to go there! :)

Beautiful and inspirational photography :)

Fascinating! Your upload alone reveals the Intangibility Service of the tourist site.

Just got back from a year of backpacking, it feels nice to be home but I am itching for a new adventure!

Beautiful, thanks for the recipients with these beautiful landscapes, I love your post I am watching them and I think they are one of the best @adsactly

Well travelling have been one of my best hobby. I invite you to Nigeria. I bet you will find it exciting.

beutiful place

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@adsactly how nice I didn´t know that place existed. I agree with you travel travel travel makes you happy You know people, customs, diferent meals, culture etc keep doing so and keep puiblicating the places where you go

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Warm and beautiful images. Looks a very interesting place to visit. Thank you for your photos and the information.



I was waooed.....too
I wish i was there
And nice pictures too



I hope to be in kovalam someday. Cool collections of pictures. Traveling is full of fun, life and unlimited adventure.

Do you know??
Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and the village of kovalam has an endless sight of coconut trees
Benefit of coconut:
1.Coconut helps to promote heart health
2.It lower the risk of heart diseases
3.It is used in the production of coconut oil
kovalam is surely a place to be in the future!

Incredible post, I'm new, any advice?

This place looks amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Seems like a very serene tourist place to visit someday..

Informational post +1
First time heard about this place and i feel like that i put this on my 2018 travel list. Travelling is my passion and i am travelling about 4 times a year and i have done it 10 years straight. So my words to everyone: JUST TRAVEL because this is the most amazing thing in life ''TRAVELLING''. And DONT find excuses why you CANT travel. Look for reasons why you CAN!

Big love to everyone!

never heard of this place before... steemit indeed helps promote the once unknown geographical locations to the world. thumbs up!

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Simply wonderful and breathtaking.

Is it called gindola either in there?

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This best things to do in live is to enjoy it by travelling around the world.

it's great about some places to recreate the mind

Back to nature !! Gteat ideas