ADSactly Personal - Confessions From the Airport

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ADSactly Personal: Confessions From the Airport

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I have seen a lot of airports, well one particular one - Glasgow Airport, as I used to live on the Isle of Lewis (Outer Hebrides) and to go and visit my Dad, I would have to catch a flight to Glasgow, then onwards to Heathrow, where my Dad would pick me up and then drive all the way to Devon. So I made this journey every school holiday for 8 years.

So, I have an airport tale and a few memories I can share...


The Fog that Almost Stole the Holiday

I remember this one trip in particular. It was the summer holidays and I was getting the plane down to London and the next day, we were travelling to Spain for the month long family summer trip.

That day, it was really foggy and the plane at Stornoway airport (Isle of Lewis) was not going anywhere. So I asked them at the desk to call Heathrow and let my Dad know what was happening (as this was before mobile phones were mainstream) and let him know, "fine" they said, "of course". I hate people worrying so I had to make sure that they let my father know what was happening.

A few hours later at this tiny island airport, one plane was allowed to take off and I was on it as I was a priority customer as a young flyer (Flying on my own). So I got on this propellor plane (I think it was a propeller plane, that is the picture that is retained in my brain). It still had the capacity to carry 100 people, so it wasn't a little plane at all.



The flight was turbulent, which was nothing new, lots of bumps, shakes, bolts and fasten seat belt fasten frequently turning on and off and air hostesses staggering up and down the aisle.

I was happy doing what I usually did sitting at a window seat, looking at the clouds hunting for care bears. I looked and looked, but they must have only made an appearance when I blinked, or looked away for few minutes when I was drinking a glass of wine!

Yes, I quickly discovered that there were no rules to stop a 8 year old drinking wine on an airplane, as there is no legal jurisdiction in the air, so did always ask for a glass. Why not?

So the flight got into Glasgow and I asked them again to update my father about the progress and that I was not lost in the ethos. They said of course they would let him know and put an announcement out at Glasgow airport for a Mr Howard, (at the time I wasn't sure of the difference between a surname and first name, must have still been tipsy). Then I said he is at Heathrow and they said they would make an announcement there and let him know.

I was rushed onto the next plane to go to Heathrow as it was getting late now, pretty sure it was dark already and it was the summer, so it was relatively late. I asked if my bags would be okay and on the same flight as it was such a quick turnaround and they reassured me that they would be.

I arrived in Heathrow to find a very relieved Dad. There had been no effort to get word to him. I was very disappointed as I had tried to make sure at every step to ask them to let him know what was happening.

So we went to the baggage carousel and waited for my bag, and waited and waited...

baggage hall.jpg


It wasn't on that plane. We went to the lost baggage desk, checked it wasn't there and it wasn't, so I had to give a description of it and an address of where to forward it too. Hoping sincerely it would get there in time, as the next day we were off to Spain and there was a ferry booked. My Dad used to drive us all the way through France, to the bottom of Spain to the holiday house he had there. Luckily the bag turned up via courier first thing in the morning, so that was good.

But the this experience with this particular well known British airplane company left a bad taste in the mouth, after the antics of that day. The bit that most disappointed me was the fact they did not make any effort to let my father know what was happening. He was at Heathrow airport the majority of that day, it was not hard to get an announcement out to him, or call him to a desk to let him know the situation. I'd be going spare if that situation arose with my children.

Though they were the only company that offered the Young Flyer option, so we had no choice but to stick it out with them for another few years and bags that turn up the following day, at least the bags have never got lost.


More Airport Memories...

I remember as a 7 year old the airport people would keep a very close eye on me and let me sit behind the counter and 'help' with giving people their tickets, or they'd ask me what I thought when there was a customer service issue. I'd always have a teddy to keep me company and he would help answer questions too Hilarious really. But that was a few years ago, not sure it would happen now.

By the time I was 15, they just plonked me in the waiting area, left me to my own devices and made sure I went to the gate when the flight was called.

As my status as a young flyer I have held up a plane for an hour and a half.

hold up.jpg


No, not a traditional hold up with guns. Not really.

My plane from Heathrow was late arriving at Glasgow and there was only one plane going onwards to Stornoway, so rather than put me up somewhere for the night, they waited for me to arrive and did not allow the plane to take off without me.

I remember when I got on the plane and they announced the reason that the flight was late. They said they had to wait for a Young Flyer and all the eyes turned on me, to which I met with a big grin. It was nice to be a VIP at such a young age!

Although once I did have to stay overnight at one of these travel hotels, when I was about 10. I got an unexpected education when I discovered a particular adult channel available on television. It must have been one of the neighbouring rooms, as it was a paid for channel and I didn’t get charged for it the morning.

These are the things I remember most about my airport years.

Do you have any interesting airport/airplane tales to share?

This post is written by @hopehuggs


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whenever I travel to my home country I have to transit which I don't like.

I think they present more opportunity to explore more places

Yes, if you aren't travelling with kids. In that case, you want to be at the destination as soon as possible!

my thought exactly

The White World

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

It's fascinating - the way you remember so vividly experiences that you had as a child and manage to express them in a way the reader doesn't feel he is bored by a little child bubbling but actually is interested in the story yet feeling this is a story told by a child!

This phenomenon of "trust us - we know what we do and we took care of everything" attitude is pretty common in big companies, the workers are a little part of the system and they find it hard to care enough - they may transfer the message to the next person on the chain nut they wouldn't bother to check the mission was actually executed- that's not what they are paid for, they might say. I'm not sure I have a solution for such situations... but somthing has to be done.

I didn't experience any flights yet so I can't share my experiences but it makes me all the more curios about stories like yours 😁

Thank you very much, hopefully you get to experience one someday

Sometimes simple things spoil your day
We must take our lives simply
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

A good flying experience

It was my first ever flight. Dinner had just been served. And oh golly, someone had neglected to give me my utensils (cutlery).

So, my hand shoots up in the air trying to get the nearest flight attendant's attention.

Asshole steps up to my seat and asks what the matter is. I quietly and nervously explain the fact that my platter lacks any utensils.

Asshole: “Oh yeah, we're completely out.”

Me, feeling like a complete loser for even daring to assume that a miserable piece of human waste like myself would deserve food utensils, “Oh, okay, sorry.”

I turn to my plate, trying to figure out what I'm going to use to eat my dinner. It'll have to be my toothbrush. Or my glasses. Maybe I can steal the toothbrush of the guy next to me and use it like chopsticks. Just move your hand a bit…

Asshole taps me on the shoulder and bursts into laughter,

“Of course we have extras, HAHAHA, let me go get you some.”

Of course it's loud enough so everyone looks at me for a moment, further embarrassing me even more, and I started to feel like even more of an idiot because I didn't see through that guy's joke.

I got my fork in the end.

the rich never vote for the new or for the poor ... so do not expect anything from them ... write and vote for yourself

Lol great experience mate

Ohh I would have not liked that joke at all, how unprofessional :(

Experiencias inolvidables!!

Forking hell, that is good tale (sorry couldn't resist).

@adsactly-witness your airport tales are hilarious ! You were definitely my kind of 7 years old lol... Not to mention the wine drinking ! As a wine lover, I would have loved to know about the not legal jurisdiction on a flight by the age of 8 ... I would have taken flights more often lol... Just curious ? Did you get charged for the drinks?
Looking forward for more of your tales ! You made my night tonight !

Nope, I didn't get charged for them either. One of the perks of that particular airline. Don't know if it is still the same case.

Awesome ! If someone ask me for my childhood hero I will have to mention @adsactly-witness ! lol ... Under age drinking for free !! Are we related ?? lol ... You never know where you can find a lost family member lol... I have some particular stories myself ... I have always consider myself one particular kind of child , but now have come into realization I was not along ! There were more kids like me out there lol... Please keep posting! Looking forward to read more airport tales !

Im pretty new to the site. Actually, I log in for then first time last night. Hope we can keep in contact sharing uncommon (not to say weird lol ) personal tales ...

Your post has made a great read waiting for my bus!
I didn't fly at such a young age, that must have been quite an adventure for a kid :)
I've had a few experiences of planes being late and such but yours are funnier, especially drinking as a kid on a plane, wow!

It is great that my post is being read waiting for a bus. Thanks for mentioning that part.

I know individuals who adore air terminals and being there, however I can't stand, on the grounds that for me it is an aggregate exercise in futility, regardless of whether everything goes easily. Essentially, you should be at the airplane terminal 2 hours ahead of time, so you sort of waste 2 hours of your life just to experience security, how interesting is that? Furthermore, truly, once in a while air terminal experience can destroy you excursion state of mind

I rolled on the floor reading your comment. Funny guy

hahaha thank you :)

It was a dead-cold February morning. I and my wife planned this trip to her parents, my in-laws, which I am not particularly fond of, but, hell, a man gotta do what a man gotta do. I have an innate, organical, sensorial fear of planes. Flying. Heights. You name it. My other option was the train, but to reach the far north of Romania by train is a nightmare. 13 hours of pure hell in Romanian train, you have enough time to start a family, make kids, see them kids having kids and so on. Awful. So, yes, my repulsion for the train trip was bigger than my fear of flying. So I chose the damn plane.

That was a god damn mistake. I'll tell you that.

First of all, while carrying the god damn bags on the stairs, I twisted my ankle. I cursed the day I was born, that intense was the pain. I proceeded to walk like a zombie thru the hell of checking in, etc. Managed it. Gathered all my angels and happy thoughts and managed to get past the pain and the crowd, and the bureaucracy, etc.

Then we hopped on the damn plane. Wish I didn't. Some minions from the airport started to hit the plane with some crowbars or metallic things. I am guessing that they break the ice shards formed around the chassis. My anxiety levels were already spiking. Took a Xanax pill. Fuck it, no response. After the hitting, the minions retreated and a voice from the plane speakers said loudly "Good morning, I am Captain Scanteie!". Now "Scanteie" for you, the happy other languages speakers means nothing. It's ok, it's the damn Captain Scanteie. But "scantaie" in Romanian literally translates to spark. So, yes, fuck my life, Captain Spark was piloting the plane after those minions hit it with crowbars. What could go wrong? So he started the motors. Do you think they were those cool reaction motors? No, my friends, they were fucking propellers engines. Two of them. So, as I said, he started the engines. It was just after no more than 20 seconds that the entire plane electrical power just SHUT DOWN. You know that old Windows XP shutdown sound? Yeah, it was like that. Of course that my panic reached maximum boiling points so I started to mumble something in the language of the scared. My wife was just laughing at me. I managed to look on the window just to see the minions returning for more plane beating. I entered in a vegetative state, while they were pounding on the plane, Captain Spark assuring us that nothing is wrong, my wife laughing at my face grimace and my ankle getting bigger and bigger.

The whole flight I just been like that. Steady. Thinking about death. About afterlife. Cursing the trains, the in-laws, Tarom and their planes.

Btw, went directly to the hospital after landing as my ankle was turning into something else. A knee or something. So yea, was a nice holiday.

@catalincernat, you really made my day, i couldn't control my laughter, my wife had to come take a peep to what could make me laugh out so loud this hot afternoon, she joined in the laughter and you ended up brightening up our already busy and tiring day. She said to tel youl to take the train another time. Such a great Story

Ha ha, I am glad that some of you had some fun out of what happend to me. :)

You have a fantastic way of telling stories, I was hooked from beginning to end.

Hey! Thank you! Glad you liked it. Because I didn't!! :))

Quite hilarious left me dead when you said ur panic level reached maximum boiling point. Must say you are great at writing and narrating, sorry about your ankle. It was indeed one hell of experience for you

what an interesting narratives that glued me all through. Your experiences as a young flyter are quite rich and can be narrated to holy wood screen writers for a good movie.
thanks for sharing this as always

That would be so hilarious!

We hope so too 😍 Happy valentine 👌

I've been on a plane many times, having lived in 4 countries and many travels in between. However, have never experienced anything as "fun" as your experience.

I'm sure there was something.

Actually, maybe one little thing. My family and I were flying domestically for the first time with our baby girl (we'd flown international with her before, but this was our first domestic trip). I was told we didn't need any ID for my daughter as it was only within Australia. We get to the airport, I double checked with the ground crew walking around and they said they didn't know whether ID was needed and to best check with the ladies at the check in counter!! No way would I wait in the queue to reach the front and be told that we needed ID. So I sent my hubby back home to get my daughter's passport. While he caught the taxi back home (about 20mins each way), my daughter and I waited in the queue and when we reached the counter, the assistant said no ID required! I was furious that the first assistant could not give me a clear answer. I called my hubby and told him to turn back. Anyway, my daughter and I checked in first and soon our plane was waiting to depart. He was on his way and we/he was holding up the plane! He called me on the phone to tell us to board without him. It was like a scene out of a movie (or so it felt at the time). Then suddenly, we see him emerge from the crowd. The air hostesses at the departure counter cheered and we quickly got onboard and were reunited once again. He was sweating from sprinting, I was sweating from feeling bad and guilty for making him go back home for no reason. But glad we all made it on the flight!

So there you go :) Reflecting back, I guess it was quite an experience at the time!

The first and only time I went to a airport, we went there on an excursion in my primary school. We were showed every section of the airport and we were showed the pilot side. The airport authority suggested to fly us but our teacher were scared and turned out the suggestion. It was very frustrating

That would have been an awesome experience flying in an airplane as part of a school trip.

Oh yeah, I would have been a very interesting experience indeed

Haha!! I haven't smelt an airport before.. Lol

it's nothing to write home about.

Really this is the good post and i have read it with very interesting. My first air journey was very enjoyable . I also felt afraid.

It is definitely scary the first time, my ears popped so bad I couldn't hear properly for a couple of days.

I had took an airplane just four times and it flies for just an hour. I’m always afraid being on the airplane coz I’m an over thinker and I always thought about plane crashes to the sea and I couldn’t even swim too and so every time I was up there, I just close my eyes and listen to loud music. Lol it’s scary tho and it’s just only an hour travel hahaha

Yes the two planes I went on regularly were hour long flights too.

Yeah it’s scary tho but at least it only took just an hour. Lol I’d rather be on the airplane than be on a ship. 😅

Oh, these airports. I know people who love airports and being there, but I cannot stand, because for me it is a total waste of time, even if everything goes smoothly. Basically, you need to be at the airport 2 hours in advance, so you kind of waste 2 hours of your life just to go through security, how strange is that? And yes, sometimes airport experience can ruin you vacation mood

Yes the security these days is a nightmare, but there to protect us all. I made the mistake of letting my kids wear light up trainers and they were fully checked out, as their shoes effectively had circuit boards in them.

Very interesting story to tell. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading this. I remember my experience in one of my many flights, travelling from frankfurt to dubai. I asked for a half glass wine but the flight attendant gave me a full glass instead. When i finished drinking, i got a bit tipsy, good thing the flight was not fully booked so i end up sleeping fot the entire flight lying on a four-seater seat.

It does seem to make you even more tipsy in the air. It made me really talkative and I end up getting to know the person next to me and their life story.

a very good story buddy ... when reading this story I went straight to the shadow of my childhood, when it was first boarded the plane from the airport iskandar young in banda aceh to jakarta ...
a terrible thing happened then in the plane, I nanged when the plane rocking or trembling I think the plane will fall ... I immediately descended from the plane while crying to the parents ,, everyone in the plane laugh my clown silly behavior it .. and at that time also my parents immediately explained to me that rocking or shaking on the plane is not because his plane wants to fall affection .. but because the air is not good .. shortly already lost he said ... and immediately the plane began to stabilize flying .. but i where believe it was still crying till the plane is down .. hehe shameful experience of my childhood.

Yes turbulence can be a frightening thing, especially to a child (or an adult) nothing shameful at all

yes it is true word buddy ... but my friend when I gathered with big family when there arisan event or family gathering .. topics are discussed always about my childhood .. and severely my friend who became the source of my family joke to laugh ..

I would love to share my experience soon, but I haven't travelled by plane before. I hope to do that soonest.

Thanks for sharing your expeience @adsactly

Me too. I haven't ride a plane even once.

I hope that you do and it is for a reason that is totally awesome.

Yes, hopefully before the year runs out. I just followed you ma, you can follow back if you wish ma. Thanks

Wow, while reading this, I was thinking, how confident this little guy would be to travel hassle free all alone.
Well, I do have some good and bad memories of planes, I would like to share a good one.
I was travelling to Saudi Arabia from Multan Airport. I had economy ticket but somehow they shifted me to one of the business class seats which was vacant till the time to take off. That hospitality, range of non alcoholic wines, leverage to choose from menu instead of same meal for all and separate escorts for all business class passengers, that VIP feeling for 5 hours was literally amazing. :-)

That really is the stuff that dreams are made of.


LOL, I don't even think I knew what wine was when I was 8. I can't believe they actually gave it to you.

Are you sure it wasn't just some kind of cool drink presented in a wine glass? If it was real wine you might have seen more Care Bears!

No, it was definitely the real deal, you got it in those mini wine bottles.

Yes indeed many airplanes are down because of fogg in the air, hope it gets well soon and it will be awesome if we have a discover a great machine to sort this big problem

That would be an amazing invention.

yes indeed ,this is a very good discovery for the mankind and will secure many life per day

Hahaaaa... Now this is funny.....

My plane experiences here in Nigeria though....
Hmmmm... Still in the embryo cuz I've never been on one... Lolz

I like your way of phrasing that.

i wud love to see u rephrasing that lol

Those are great stories. Reading them I can't help but think how much times have changed. I have an 8 year old and I can't even imaging putting him on a flight alone or trusting that the airport staff would take care of him...I don't think that level of service exists is a different world today that is for sure!

I don't know either, I hope it is something that I don't have to look into either to be fair.

I've travelled on planes many times. One incident involved severe turbulence where the plane lurched so fiercely it dropped the oxygen masks down and all those around me immediately entered panic mode. Adults screaming, praying, crying and most inconsolable. It was a scary few minutes and yet surprisingly I remained extremely calm as did the young child beside me who thought it was all very exciting and asked if we could do it again lol.

I just think of the film 'Airplane' reading that, although scary it is certainly comical in a way too.

I have been in just two airplanes all in Madrid and Vienna, but I can say that the German airport is far above the Spanish Latin. Much bigger, more beautiful, and with many guidance arrows to make much access easier .

I think that is a fair description, having been to airports in both too.

Well its amazing how you confess a little bad experience of your Air journey that too in one of the developed countries. Imagine the people from underdeveloped countries and their air travel nightmares. You have had a certain bad experience but we have had these nightmare flights every now and then but the airlines werent answerable to anyone only because of the mafia that exists between these private airlines and govt . Though i have had pleasant flights too but the number of nightmarish flights is just too much. In the end all should all be thankful we still land back on earth safely

You are absolutely right. I am thankful every time I am back on terra firma and they are not 'bad' experiences at all, just memories I wanted to share.

Good and bad all are memories. In the end we have to keep them

You must be always travelling aren't you?

Lmao not exactly

travel is an experience in life

Very nice to write to you. I have not had much experience in my journey to Airplane .But I think it's a lot of enjoyable
Wonderful sharing post @absactly

Nice article I always enjoy reading your posts looking forward to more of your posts, thanks for sharing keep up the good work thanks.

wow nice new id plz upvote

i haven't travelled by plane yet
i hope my experience will b interesting

It sure will when you eventually do, considering its gona be your first time

Air travel is the worst
nice post upvoted

In my opinion I think this is a good post

Good travel...there had moment amazing..I like this moment.good luck

you make good very very good idea..
big thanks
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Gosh, I've never been on a plane, and I've never been to an airport... I will, one day I hope.

Lmao, you sure will one day

Thanks for sharing, I was on a plane when I was 12, all I remember is the lunch... lol.

Woow beautiful l like, very nice

i like it nice post.

Yet another interesting one. Sadly i don't any airplane experience yet, would soon get there, i believe so. I just love your articles. I have added you to my voting list on steemvoter. It doesn't mean much but nevertheless i must contribute to the million upvotes you deserve sir @adsactly thanks again for sharing

Thanks very much, hope you get to experience one sooner than later

This is nice one thanks

Great Post nice travel, congratulations on your new travel, keep up brother, enjoy hard... 👍😊
I wish u a lifetime of love
Happiness that never ends
Songs of laughter
Warmth of family nd friends
I wish u days that are bright
nd filled with dreams
A world of faith and hope
And joy that’s everlasting
I wish u constant peace
nd good days ahead
u deserve this nd more
My dear sweet friend... Happy valentines day

Kind sweet words from you.thanks

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Nice article I always enjoy reading your posts looking forward to more of your posts, thanks for sharing keep up the good work thanks.

Thanks for always stopping by

your experience is very good to read, and almost the same with my brother's experience who know about airport airport in the world, including the airport you've visited, I admire you, thanks @derryichsan

Thanks hope you get to share your own experiences too

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Welcome to steemit, hope you attain success here

Very interesting story.

a very good experience, but I have never been on an airplane before

You will one day and hope you share your experience with us

this sounds really very funny, good share indeed!

Yeah, thanks for stopping by

wow.very nice travel good luck
upvote and resteemit done

amazingly very inspiring

I'm going to look good.

I wish you all the best for your health and happiness :)

You too, thanks

You have great knowlage on every topic you post i am fan of you keep it up God bless you

Thank you, many are shared experiences, there is every bit of realness in it

I need guidance from you to earn more dollars and become a successful steemian like you :)

Don't be about the money, be about making impact and adding value to the community, the money would come eventually.

Nice story ....I like it.keep it up

deneyimini peylaştığın için teşekkür ederim , harika bir yazı

It's a really interesting story, you reminded me of Agatha Christie's novels, you have a talent in writing novels that you tried to use @adsactly

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

I love to read posts that gets me laughing like this. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks for stopping by

your memories make me also remember what was happen for me eight years ago on Dubai Airport

Maybe you get to share one day. Looking forward to catching a read

dont have any wanderer that notice its about memory of best airports. love u personally @adsactly

I like the writing, and the fact that you're talking about *memories... I love memories...

I really like traveling, and I am for the development of aviation and the latest technologies!

Yeah, there is always gona be abit of technological advancement and modification in the aviation sector

nice story , airports are indeed in a world of there own ;)

Most are amazing

Maybe it's an experience that you still remember so much that, you share with us, all must have an experience that is always remembered like me too.

Yes mate, encourage every one to get to share their experiences once in a while. Always makes a good read

Dear Sir @adsactly
I'm new in steemit. Actually i don't know well maintain this account.

No!!! Still not.
But have a dream to travel by airways🛩🛩

Welcome to steemit, hope you enjoy your time here

i am ready to play.. pilot1.jpg

Well done....this was absolutely correct.
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Thanks for reading

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Thanks for the kind words, they sure left an impression