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Small curry lovers I want to share my story about curry goat, maybe among the steam lovers no stranger to hear the name of goat goats what else curry Ektren curry curry.

early history of goat curry and what a goat curry.
Curried goat is a kind of curry dish that uses raw goat meat. This food comes from South Asia. Goat curry has been popular in Southeast Asia and Indo-Caribbean cuisine. In Southeast Asia, this cuisine spreads throughout the Caribbean Sea region, including Caribbean diaspora in North America and the UK. Kare or curry is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia, this dish is usually served with bread rolls or warm rice.Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-46-48.png

Goat curry is very popular among Muslims. This dish became popular during Iduladha's big day, in which goats became one of the animals most often sacrificed.
Like most curry dishes, this goat curry has a thick sauce and coconut milk with a mixture of various spices also produces a rich and strong flavor in this dish. There are various variations, one of which is the use of lamb to replace goat meat, or add potato, pumpkin and jackfruit as a complement, there is even a variation of goat curry without using coconut milk.Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-47-14.png

History of spread to Indonesia
Kari came from India, then spread to South Asia, Arab, Malaysia and other Malay countries, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, the first known curry in Aceh has spread to other regions. In Aceh, this dish is usually eaten along with rolled bread.
Goats diaceh goat has its own distinctive >characteristics in certain areas such as a call with belageng sauce in aceh wilyah big difference in aceh north which has its own characteristics as diracik by shopkeeper curate goat ectren north aceh.Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-47-44.png

In this case I will share a little knowledge about the process of spiced goat potato extract. But do not forget to follow @adimantong first.
The first step to cook our goat curry should have a goat ready to cook.

Then goat meat cut into small pieces so it does not take long to cook. After that clean it with water to clean from the blood and not odor, then give the water of Javanic acid or known as bohme acid In order not to smell fishy, ​​sprinkle a little salt and spices that have been mashed spices.Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-47-30.png

Cooking process.
Prepare a cooking pot to cook a little oil and onions, garlic, sere, lawang kleng, gapu dragon and pandan leaves for fragrant.
Next enter the goat meat that has been stirred with spices that have been milled then add a little thick coconut milk. After that wait until boiling and the meat a little bit and then added coconut milk and pumpkin in accordance with its own dosage for more delicious results again recommended to be cooked by using firewood.Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-46-31.png

Then wait until it boils and the meat is tender and ready to serve.
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Looks amazing, I’ve been craving some curry. And goat is one of my favorite meats!

Thank you

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