【Tokyo,Travel】ART: Meaning of blank: Giant mural painted by Taro Okamoto in Shibuya 岡本太郎『明日の神話』

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Mural painting #MythofTomorrow of Japanese artist Taro Okamoto (1911-1996) is installed in the passage connecting Shibuya station of Inokashira line and JR Shibuya station.It is a huge wall painting of 5.5 meters in length and 30 meters in width.



#MythofTomorrow was a mural painted for installation in the hotel lobby of a hotel in Mexico. However, it has become missing in Mexico. it After years, it was discovered in Mexico. After being repaired in Japan, it will be exhibited in Shibuya.



#MythofTomorrow is a motif of the moment of explosion of a hydrogen bomb when "Fifth Furankoromaru" exposed to a large amount of radioactive fallout caused by an American military's hydrogen bomb experiment was exposed. It depicts the crowds of people who overcome the tragic experience and revitalize.



There are blanks in the lower left and right parts of #MythofTomorrow . You can see the right side one, in this picture. This was "a blank for the prophecies of the 21st century" by #TaroOkamoto.

IMG_5354 - コピー.JPG



In 2011, #Japan suffered a huge earthquake East Japan great earthquake disaster. As is well known, there was a major accident at a nuclear power plant at that time. On May 1, 2011, it was found that a veneer board with a picture depicting the #FukushimaDaiichiNuclearPowerPlantaccident was stuck in the blank part of the #MythofTomorrow .

東京の若手美術家グループChim↑Pom(チム↑ポム)がベニヤ板を貼りつけたことを明らかにしました。メンバーは、岡本太郎を尊敬していました。その後、Chim↑Pom が描いた絵は、岡本太郎記念館に寄贈されました。

Tokyo 's young art group "Chim ↑ Pom" made public that the plywood was stuck. The members respected #TaroOkamoto. After that, the paintings drawn by Chim↑Pom were donated to #TaroOkamotoMemorialMusiem.



The huge mural painting has the story of that. If you visit #Shibuya, please visit #MythofTomorrow .


1-12-1, #Dogenzaka, #Shibuya-ku, #Tokyo

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