Replay: Trash Talk with @patrice 02/13/2017

in trashtalk •  9 months ago

Trash Talk with @patrice gives you the opportunity to ask questions about @steemcleaners and @spaminator. You'll get an inside look at how the group deals with specific abuse issues and my personal views.

Last night there were a lot of great questions from the audience and I really enjoyed the informal atmosphere. I want to thank everyone for being warm and welcoming. I'll see y'all next week where I am determined to be less nervous and remove the word "um" and "uh" from my vocabulary. 😳

You can find Trash Talk with @patrice every Tuesday night on the SteemStar Network at Midnight UTC, 7pm EST

Drop in early and catch @nnnarvaez hosting The Inquisition at 10pm UTC followed by @sircork at 11pm UTC with YouAreHOPE Foundation Transparent Town Hall.

REPLAY VIDEO: YouAreHOPE Foundation Transparent Town Hall

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I have been running queries on tag spamming and came across this type of nonsense.
What is the best action?


using voting bots like the one you use (Minnow Booster) make steem fever the already rich users while new users get ignored
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Patrice, taking out the trash, Tuesdays at 7pm EST.

Cool show! I haven't listen to all of it but I enjoyed the part I listen too.

@sircork needs to mute his mic when he's typing and not talking.


Thanks, yes, we know, the problem is I have all first time DJs and I have to still remote engineer one or two of our many shows, and handle the audience, while being ready to fill dead air as newer broadcasters and guests let inadverant lulls happen. It's a living. ;)

Further, the mic is suspended, and not on the piece of furniture my keys are on. Its on a camera tripod 2 feet away, supended in mid air to prevent shock and mechanical transferrence lol. It's a real sensitive mic :)


You can't mute the mic on your computer?


Stop spamming images. Do a collection or something. You're posting 60 - 80 posts a day and were mistaken for a bot.


Ok, I will reduce posting. But, this photos are all my own work. I took photos more than 10 years. Remove me from your spammer list. please.


I removed you already. Thanks!

@patrice Hay whats the deal with your mack-bot ?!


You're automated posting of over a 100 posts per day just creates spam and clogs the tags with low quality content. I removed you from the mack-bot list for now but I suggest not posting these low quality automated blog posts to steemit.


thank you @patrice for removing me from @mack-bot list, i was trying a plugin tool for steem wordpess blogs where it relays my news website rss feed to steemit, i have turned it off a while ago ( since i woke up and saw all the flags 9 hrs ago) but still i get downvotes and flags till now from @steemcleaners , @blacklist-a .

i can't post a thing as my reputation went down from 36 to 11 , and my bandwidth is reduced to minus.


Your rep is back to 24. You're bandwidth also looks like it is recharging. That isn't just from being flagged. You'll find that there are high bandwidth days & times that reduce your "bonus" bandwidth. The "bonus" being bandwidth being loaned to you because it is not being used by other accounts.

Thank Brander


Don't leave spam comments.


now even my comments are getting flagged?!!!!

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Any account mentioning phishing domains intact get flagged by @guard with a comment and mack-bot currently follows to ensure the comment/post is hidden. When talking about these domains use soemthing like this: steemiit(dot)ga

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Some browsers or extensions make domains clickable. In the past the infection as been spread by those clicking on comments/posts meant to warn the community.
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The important thing is to stop the spread of the infection and keep accounts from being stolen.

Please edit the link & I'll remove the flags.


done editing my post. thank you for your attention and warning. nice work 👍


Hi! Could you take a look at this?

I was flagged for warning against phishing domain. I was dumb enough to plainly write this domain in the comment... Could you unflag me? :D

Sorry for writing here, I think that steemit does not have private messages functionality.

@patrice, I apologize for being so commented on your old post. Please understand that I can not find a way to contact you.

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Surprised by the flagging, he deleted the flagged comments from @spaminator. Removing flags for deleted comments is considered difficult. Is there any way to help him? Below is the information recorded in his account history.

{'voter': 'mack-bot', 'author': 'thinky', 'permlink': 're-kimthewriter-thinky-20180316t194252968z', 'weight': -200}

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Nice show

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Hi, @patrice, I just find out we have a few peoples in our Thai community get comments by @aysharupa can you tell me more about this account?

Hi @patrice, we'd like to form an group of allies dedicated to growing women on steemit, wonder if you knew any specific women tags or account we can be part of so we can support/be part of growth/movement?

Beautiful Show....