Transgender 101: Episode 3; In your face all the time?

Last week we delved into what I dubbed the big three, Pathologizing, infantalization, and misgendering. Having explored the common misconceptions I feel its time to look at some of the complaints I hear every day about Transgender people. Lets tear into them and see if there is any meat in these tried and true go to dismissals of transgender humanity.

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There are so many versions of this entitled dismissal of basic humanity for trans individuals it hard to pick which one to tackle, the basic premise is;

"We get it you exsist, why do you self entitled werdios need to shove your " lifestyle " in everyone's face all the blinking time!? Just get on with your life and let us get on with ours!"

I honestly am always left breathless for a moment when someone postulates this when we are talking about Transgender people and basic human equality. First because its always begun the same way, "we all know you exsist" that's an incredible thing to assume. While some populations of people know we exsist, no argument there, it is significantly lower numbers than you would think. Add to that that even those who have heard the term transgender do not 100% know what it actually means. I run I into allot of people who assume I am a cross dresser, or just gay. I am not a cross dresser, that's a different thing, Rue Paul is not trans, LaVern Cox is. (Its kinda exciting to have main stream representation, not going to lie) I'm bi but that's different than gay and being gay has nothing to do with being transgender. This is just four words in and I have to back log an explanation for almost every word so far, so that's tedious for everyone involved in the conversation.


The reality of the situation is that an increasing number of folks have a basic knowledge of what it is to be trans. Some among those numbers take it upon themselves to go out into the world and live openly and teach endlessly in hopes that one day Transgender people will just be people, like everyone. The agenda is basic personhood globally and a understanding of what it means to be Transgender. We are just people, seeking to be seen as people. The perverted and sexually bent lens the media has placed on trans people has nothing to do with who we are, just like the medias portrayal of any minority out of favor with the main stream we have been portrayed for years as poverty stricken, depraved druggies, or worse, cereal killers and phycos. This blatant steam rolling of trans individuals has been ongoing for hundreds of years and has taken its toll.


So now that we have a voice trans people are speaking up ferociously and unceasingly because we are dying. Visibility is killing us in record numbers, but on we go, ever forward. It is not that we enjoy the spotlight (no sin there if some of us do) we do not relish the thought of sharing deeply personal information about our bodies with the world or endlessly being tormented in public spaces, its not fun but I assure you I'm not here to be in your face, I'm here to try and save lives by raising awareness and education levels around trans issues, if that is "in your face" you have a humanity problem I don't have a to much info problem.


If you don't understand a situation its better to learn about it as apposed to complaining that those trying to secure the very basic levels of personhood you take for granted everyday are being to loud, maybe you should join in the fight to help, it just seems like that would solve both problems. Though most people with this argument are not really looking for a way to help, they are looking for a way to shut trans people down in an argument, to take their voice. I hope this helps in understanding why trans people get so upset when talk turns in this direction.

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There are many general misconceptions about trans people. In my next article I hope to jump in the deep end and talk biology, surgery, and love. Hope to see you fine folks then. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have an amazing day!



I'm sorry we live in a world where you have to explain super basic stuff about who you are, but I appreciate that you're taking the time to do it, and do it well.

Thank you it is frustrating lol but important ;-)

I love laverne cox, she is amazing and has done so much for the Trans community raising awareness. I think it is great that people are having to face the fact that they cannot force people underground just because they are uncomfortable with how somebody else lives/looks/loves. Another great and informative post, thank you! :)

Laverne is the closest thing I've ever come to hero worship, whenever I'm dealing with an irate guest at work or some bigoted asshole on the street I channel her strength and just raw female power and get through the situation like a boss, cuss she's amazing. Its true we just are not going away, thank you so much for stopping in and reading, hope your day reaches the upper tiers of amazing!! :-)

Another really excellent, brave post. Awesome that you are here being an advocate and activist for the community! You’re amazing.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading I Really appreciate it! I hope your day is simply wonderful!

Keep it up girl. of my favorite quotes is from Janet Jackson when she states or her album rhythm nation " in complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us. Don't let your eyes deceive you, " keep spreading ....the knowledge

Well said, and for sure, I will keep talking until I'm out of breath🦄🦄🦄

Thank you for this wonderful post. I appreciate your advocacy through education, and I'm sorry for the frustrations you present in this piece.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this helps bring these things into the light a bit🦄🦄🦄🙃

I know about transsexuals turning to their tendencies and feeling so but I think a person who has a non-member of his own and does not have an abnormal tendencies

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