Transferring STEEM from Binance to Steemit wallet. Thank you @sentiencesystem for the guidance!

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What's crackin Steemians?
I know a few other people have posted how to transfer STEEM from Binance to steemit BUT if you are like me then you have tried a few times to do it and failed. If you are like me... then you need someone to hold your hand through the process, and that's what I am great at...

  • log into Binance and click "Funds" then "Balances" then find your STEEM balance. Then click "Withdrawal"

*(This is a screen shot from my phone app but its the same thing on your PC) Next enter the amount you want to transfer. On the "Address" line type in your steemit name. Don't type in the @.

steemit steem name.jpeg

  • For example, this is how mine looked at this point.

steemit sageautumn.jpeg

  • Don't worry about the Memo line or get confused because your steemit wallet holds a memo key. Leave that line BLANK then click NO MEMO.

  • Then click "withdraw" and put in your google authentication code and check your email to verify and your all set! Funds take about 60 seconds to make it to your wallet.

It was so easy I feel like an ass for taking this long to do it. A few things confused me. I never needed any keys from my wallet. I never had to do anything from my steemit account to send the money.


I think these things are meant to test yourself !

So true....I was stressing just trying to figure it out. when I did it was simple...and then I only transferred a few coins because STEEM is doing great on Binance today. lol
well at least now I know

yes you find in the end , it turns out to a simple solution , least you know how to do it x

You answered my concern about the memo, but I found a different guide by @ekanoah indicating that you should use your memo key in your Steemit wallet.
I am concerned because this transfer is definitely not quick. It's been sitting in "processing" for several minutes now.
Did you or anyone else encounter this slowness?
Thanks for the post!

yes...and it never went through. I even received a confirmation email from Binance. When I clicked the email verification it was "processing" all day. two days later I checked my Binance withdrawal transaction history and saw that it was cancelled. I did not lose any money but it scared me for sure. also on steemit I saw this option to purchase a steemit wallet. That REALLY confused me. To this day I still don't know what that is for! AND it charges you 4 STEEM to buy. DON'T do that! ...unless someone can explain what the 4 STEEM buys.
But yes, I went through that "processing" bs too. Just start over, and follow my instructions. you will be golden!
Another thing that worried me was I questioned how Binance would know to send my coins to steemit based on just my steemit name, with no wallet address or anything. IT JUST DOES. lol
Hmmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I tried to "Buy STEEM" and then transferring STEEM from Binance through blocktrades using there "Blocktrade" link and still- no dice.
It really is as simple as my instructions. I was blown away! It should not take longer then 60 seconds to hit your steemit wallet. I have made a few transfers from Binance and it is FAST.

One other thing, if you plan to use the STEEM to power up, do it using Blocktrades rather than hitting the power up tab. Its fast and I read somewhere that you get more power or vests or something by doing it that way. I never use the power up tab anymore. BUT I can not confirm if it actually is a better way to power up forsure because I am still learning my way around steemit.
If you know if that's true or not I would like to know.

Hope that answers any questions for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the in-depth reply! I already powered up, but I will try that method next time!

After a few hours of trying to figure this out your post got me there!! Success. Thank you! Duly upvoted :D

You are very welcome. That shit drove me NUTS the first time I did it. After I made it work I couldn't believe how easy it was!

1 dont wanna bore you with tech and 1m no expert, but in a nut shell, the memo is a tool that you can buy and is useful. in your case of moving tokens from your account to your steem wallet it is not necessary to store all aspects of the transaction on the blockchain ( full trans hash, check sums, content, or whatever) this changes the transaction cost/fee. most transactions such as those are batch truncated and only the bare bolts of the trans are stored on chain, like time/date/amount/wallet addresses... but lets say 1 bought a service from you or your pink boxing gloves for $2k worth of steem. 1 may want a more detailed "receipt" permanently stored on the blockchain (contract parameters or whatever content ). 1 think ill leave it at that and say my bank uses zelle to move money and all you need is an email (any email) address linked to the account... its just as slick as the steem token architecture and allows grandma Lucy to send scrill to aunt Dee whom has never heard of "blockchanged technology" but steem has steemconnect 2.0 (a game changer/money maker) and social media tools too... so its a different animal than Zelle.