Train With Jane | Insane Treadmill Workout! (Advanced)

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Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,
For those looking for an advanced workout to try, look no further. I actually saw this workout from a workout guru on instagram and I instantly saw a challenge that I wanted to try!

Disclaimer: This is a workout for advanced people only! I don’t suggest trying this if you have any injuries or are a beginner at working out.

With that said, make sure to use a comfortable weight. The point is to do as many circuits as possible, so if you use a heavy weight - you won’t get too far. Do ten reps of each exercise and set your treadmill to 1.5-2.0 mph! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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Damn this is a good circuit, I will be trying this on a 90 Degree incline soon!

Lol id probably trip and fall! That looks like a lot of coordination involved, get it! 💪

Haha you out of ALL people definitely would not!

Would love to try this , but lately my balance has been really off .... maybe when I’m feeling all better .

Definitely do try when youre feeling confident in your abilities :)

awesome :).. I haven't been working out for ages, maybe watching you will get me pumped :)

I hope to inspire you somehow!

God awesome exercises. I have never seen that before.
Thanks for sharing!