Train With Jane: Get Creative With Your Equipment (Kettlebells) - Full Body Workout

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Good Day Steemians!

It's super rainy outside here in NYC and I won't be able to go for my daily hike, but thats alright I have plenty equipment to play with at home! One of the equipment that I own is a kettlebell (well, multiple actually). Its one of my favorite pieces of equipment, however theres something that urkes me. The only thing I see people doing with kettlebells are 'kettlebell swings.' Don't get me wrong, kettlebell swings is a GREAT full body, challenging exercise that I incorporate into my routine often. What I am simply saying, is that you can get so creative with them to challenge every muscle in your body. So that is what I am sharing with you all today - a creative full body workout that you can do using ONE kettlebell.

Low Squats x 20

I started this circuit with low squats. Whats great about kettlebells is that you can hold them in a very comfortable position. I love low squats because they really set those leg muscles on fire because of that extended range of motion vs a regular squat where you don't put as much stress on the legs.

Kettle Bell Deadlifts x20

I absolutely love kettlebell deadlifts. I am using a light (15lb) kettlebell, therefore my reps are higher! I used a lighter kettlebell because remember, this is a FULL BODY workout. I wanted something that will get me through 4-5 circuits of this workout. Remember to incorporate mind to muscle - and squeeze those glutes at the top.

Squat Combo x 20

I enjoy turning a basic exercise (squats) and turning them into a combo movement that will maximize the efficiency of a single workout! Working as many muscle groups as possible in one exercise means more results :)

Single Leg Deadlift Combo x10 each side

What I enjoy more than kettlebell deadlifts are, single leg kettlebell deadlifts! They are so challenging, not only for strength but it challenges you to improve on your balance. Don't get discouraged if you don't do these perfectly, as you can see I'm also finding these to be difficult. However, when I first started performing this exercise I couldn't even keep my balance. So this exercise is a great progression to a regular single leg deadlift to keep things challenging.

Repeat this circuit 4-5 times for a full workout! Remember to consult your doctor before performing these exercises. If you have any joint, bone, or muscle injury I don't recommend doing these exercises

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Your fitness and health video andTrain With Jane: Get Creative With Your Equipment Kettlebells Full Body Workout very interested

I resteem your excellent post

Lady, this is so helpful. Love to see people actually acting out the movements too. Really helps with my form. Nice one!

I also love pass thru lunges .... so you do a lunge holding a kettlebell in one hand and ad you lunge you pass the kettlebell from one hand to the other under that front leg ...and continue that passing it back and forth from hand to hand


Oh I know what youre talking about those are fantastic!!

Your doing Great work Jane !

hope you join my journey for the summer in my blog and give me some tips :D!


Thanks so much!

Kettlebells are supposed to be amazing for working out. I have a friend who swears by them. Natural movements and all that.
I may get a couple when I get back to London.

Single Leg Deadlift Combo is awesome. You training legs butt and shoulders i the same time.

That is a good work jane. Have agreat weekend

Kettlebells are a great tool for functional movement training. I wish more gyms would supply them for their members. They are also great for at home workouts as they can be used in many different ways.