Riveting Audio Details From Vegas Crime Scene MSM Isn't Reporting!! You Absolutely MUST Hear This!

in #tragedy7 years ago

My heart is heavy! Can you even imagine enjoying a concert with a loved one and looking over just in time to see them get blown away in a senseless act of violence!?!

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Now, WHY do you think the media is NOT reporting this?

I condensed the original audio, weeding out all the dead space and deleting the unnecessary noise, highlighting only the pertinent information.

If you wanna see the uncut audio:

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If shots were fired from other floors, where are the broken windows on those floors? Those hotel windows are sealed and cannot be opened. The shooter had to bust open his windows with a hammer before he could shoot.


Holy shit! You just earned yourself a 100% upvote and resteem.

Thanks for this Brian! I actually joined steemit because of you! Thanks for the great content and keep up the great work!

Shocking Las Vegas incidence.

wow very confusing and tragic event, but the common theme from the MSM out of all these mass shooting is GUN CONTROL and all the videos on social media don't show no blood whatsoever or somebody hurt from a bullet and for real from the police scanner audio it all points out to huge false flag. And also the brother's interview wow doesn't add up at all and why is he stressing that he acted alone how does he know that he brother acted alone?
veeerrry fisshhhy

Shocking indeed

Thank you also from Germany!
Currently the german version of your information will be massively censored here.

Hey! Can you put this on dtube as well? It seems they are already sweeping youtube.
Great work! 100% upvote

Thanks for putting the work into this video and audio, extremely informative.

please, I am the ONLY steemit user running a relief fund for my home in Las Vegas Help! by upvoting and resteeming I served in the NV army guard here, I was born and rasied here, I record my music here this is heartbreaking https://steemit.com/vegas/@vandalizmrecordz/steemit-vegas-victim-help-and-relief-fund-by-william-elder-of-vandalizmrecordz-orbit-drop

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