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Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, just made a mysterious tweet about bitcoin that's whipping up speculation across social media and the cryptocurrency community that it may be more than just a joke.

Elon has teased at the possibility of him launching a bitcoin service as he tweeted out a post relating asking his followers if they wanted to buy bitcoin.

Since the tweets went out, prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community have been engaging with Musk's bitcoin post.

Notably, Zhao Changpeng – founder of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume – commented in a perhaps half-joking retweet: "Lol, it's spreading. I will buy a Tesla if you accept crypto..." —— 🤔Do you think Elon Musk should consider getting more involved in cryptocurrency following his recent incident with the SEC?


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I believe Elon Musk sees something in Cryptocurrency we all have not thought about. The guy is a visionary thinker and leader, so if he is showing interest in Cryptocurrency, I think its a good thing for all of us. I hope he gets involved and cannot wait to see how he can innovate in this space.

We love you Elon Musk, shame there isn't many of you out there !!

Personally I do not really think that Elon Musk really really cares what the SEC has to say. In the end he only got slapped with a fine and I think in his mind money isnt all that important to have. Its a means to an end

And with his IQ he must certainly grasp the basics of blockchain and see the advantages. So him coming out with something like this does not surprise me... We already knew from previous tweets and comments that he is aware of crypto

Its a cool thing but i fear it will not be the catalyst that will drag us out of the bear market (wish it was)

will see what he will do hehe

We are so desperate to see roller coaster again that each comment is like a gem for us :p

I believe he sees real value and potential from the crypto space!


I believe he sees
Real value and potential
From the crypto space!

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

if it's not a joke, we will have investment? the price may go up may be.

Hopefully for positive efeects on market with this investment

I wish this investment will give great impact. More investment make price high.

TeslaCoin! I'm ready for it. Let's make this happen, Elon!

I recently did a video on how Elon's account got shut down by twitter for this. Check it out here: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptomeeks/udki8buw

Will se how market will show behaviour. But hope looking great

positive efeects on market with this investment

Truly your comments are very interesting..nice post

BTC düşüşte olduğu için dijital paranın önemi kalmadı

Let's see how market reacts on this news. I hope it will effect positively.

whatever it is am right back at your back in whatever speculation you want to invest in @tradewonk

Hopefully positive effect on the market.This invest.

Is this the next "John Mc Afee" ?
Creating new Crypto Hypes by Twitter :D

You can say and think about Musk what you want, but if he puts his mind to something you can be sure it has a high chance to succeed. He has and will have a great influence on society as we know it.

With more eccentric billionaires jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon the more level-headed corporations will start to follow.

As an aerospace engineer I am happy. Elon is a smart and visionary man. I don't have the money to buy more bitcoin but this news will surely help me when the fud articles start coming and I feel like selling.

I think he’s crazy enough to invest into crypto.

TeslaCoin! Sounds interesting. Crypto is on his way.

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Those kind of tweet may help cryptocurrency price to get a little but in the long run, crypto will here to stay and perhaps become a value storage.

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Now we need the tweet saying:
I have my first Bitcoin!
And the rise will be very good