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One of the world's largest crypto exchanges by trading volume wants to set up fiat-to-crypto trading platforms on almost every continent.

Binance founder and CEO Zhao Changpeng closed out the first day of CoinDesk's Consensus Singapore event with a fireside chat, where he discussed a range of topics, including how he grew Binance from a startup with a $15 million initial coin offering to one of the world's largest crypto exchanges and his future vision for the platform.

During the conversation with CoinDesk's Pete Rizzo, Zhao indicated that by this time next year, he wants the company to launch five to 10 fiat-to-crypto exchanges, with ideally two per continent.

These plans falls in line with Binance's current efforts to roll out an exchange in Singapore that supports local fiat-to-crypto trading services.

Having conducted closed testing on Tuesday, CZ said he hopes the platform could be up and running within months, though he added that working with banks and regulators is much harder than just with cryptocurrencies. —— 🤔Do you think this could help boost cryptocurrency adoption?

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This is great news. Uganda is already on the list. The binance exchange is already on the ground. Recently there was the Africa Blockchain conference in Uganda where Uganda hosted the CEO of binance Mr. Zhao and he expressed his plans and intetions of establishing the binance exchange in Uganda which was headed to create more jobs for Ugandans.

We were very excited about such incredible news as even our President attended the conference and endorsed blockchain technology and establishment of the binance exchange in Uganda.

We need more presidents like these

That sounds good

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@tradewonk, In my opinion this is an important update and decision in many aspects and that is because, currently we are facing the crisis and in this phase if we see the update of Expansion for sure it's an important and boosting aspect.

And when we hear as every continent then we can understand the planning of height of the expansion and scalability. And now we have to wait and watch how this will going to boost the market.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Binance are moving forward nicely, they don't get distracted by noise they just continue to execute.

Cool! It will be useful for the people of the whole world to trade with convenience. Regarding the boost, I think yes we may see that happening.

I think it's a good step and this step will make binance more popular all around the world and investment point of view, this news is also good.

Wao This is very great news.Binance moving are too good.Everyone so happy.Thanks for sharing this great news.Hopefully binance more popular in the world.

I have hoped for this for a very long time,it's hightime the whole world get to benifit from it,although i foresee a dropdown but it nomal with business. Thanks again for yet another beautiful infor mr @tradewonk ,i just upvoted you

Great news, thanks for sharing @tradewonk

Funny how when I get on Steemit, I read the most liberating and pioneering news

Go Binance!

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Binance heralded something extraordinary... one other exchange I see going that far is The mechanism behind the exchange is extraordinary. And they have concepts that will create utility for a lot of people.

This is great news, the key is adoption in crypto and getting the whole world involved will make crypto too strong.

Love it! Keep it up guys!

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that will be a good news to everyone, at the moment have too many shit coins in the market, should have some exchange to filter out these, then will really advantage to all people

thanks fr sharing info about binance .hope this wll help us all

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It should be noted that Binance wants to launch an exchange house that operates with Singapore's fiat currency

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This would be welcomed in the bahamas as Coinbase does not work here!

OH wow, this is great, Thanks for giving us this good news. Hopefully, binance will spread in the whole world

Amazing!! In India, crypto to fiat is banned so we need to use P2P exchanges and other schemes to invest in crypto. I myself have invested in quite a lot and thinking of doing it through Trade IO's liquidity pool.

I hope Binance can do something in India. Creating a P2P exchange for crypto to fiat will also solve the problem for many of us.

Very good news for us.

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