RE: Steem rebounds, but will it last?

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Steem rebounds, but will it last?

in trading •  3 years ago 

im hoping it will grow so the change im making now turns into cash by leaving it in steemit. xD
i followed so i can check out your future posts and hopefully learn more. thanks for the reply.

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yup. I also bought shifted some into steem power and it is growing steadily each day. every sp helps the curating process too.

Thanks for following and dropping a note on it. At this point, am unsure if my type of commentary is resonating much with folks and whether people find this useful, hence was thinking of stopping this soon and switching to another topic. your encouragement and feedback helps. will see how goes. cheers mate

if you take a break from posting about this you could always take a break on the subject and come back to it in a little. xD

if you want to be here and make some, you need to get all the SP you can get !!