Fraudulent website posting my videos and asking for donations

in trading •  11 months ago

I just wanted to warn everyone that follows my blog that a website has been created a few days ago by some bad actor. They are using my videos to ask for donations.

Please do not send them money, this is not me:

Im going to see if I can restrict his website from embedding my videos, using my YouTube settings. It's pretty sad that there is always someone trying to steal money on the back of others. I hope no one falls for this scam.

I have mentioned countless times in my videos and my blog, that I make my money as a full time trader. People have offered me donations many times. However, I do not accept donations from anyone and never will. I offer all of my experience and help to everyone for free, as I only want others to realize financial freedom through trading as I have.

Trading has changed my life, and its way way easier to accomplish than portrayed by all those "Internet Trading Gurus" who try to sell courses online. Before you pay anyone for their "Trading Course" please ask yourself: Why are they selling courses??? Can they not make plenty of money in the markets, if they have discovered the secret to trading??? Obviously there is alot of money to be made teaching the inexperienced or creating scammy websites on the back of real traders.

Anyway, although this type of thing frustrates me, there is little that I can do to shut down this website. So again please do not donate anything to this fraudster.


The site 3 hours after this post and the Fraudulent site has been taken down..

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Looks like it's down already, so good job.

I think because he's claiming to be you that's easy fodder for a DMCA takedown.


Except the fact that his blog itself is a scam... lol

cant believe you all waste time reading the crap he makes. Anyone couldve made crazy returns in the crypto bull market. So where is he now that the market is turning down?


Uh... things are still moving up and down... the principles still apply. I've been watching my coins swing back and forth and I just now found his youtube and steemit... putting this into practice starting today.


Sorry to hear that. Thank you for everything that you do. I love your videos and I know many others do as well.
Maybe you can leave a comment on this person‘s website and tell them that you plan on pressing charges for copyright infringement if your videos are not removed from their website within the next 24 hours ... your videos are automatically copy written as soon as they are completed.

@quickfingersluc you have single handedly changed my life by sharing your knowledge and videos about safe trades! When I first got into this space I had no clue what I was doing and didn't have any idea about trading. In the months since I have been making so many winning trades that my wife thinks I am somehow just that lucky until I told her I wouldn't be there today without my mentor (you!) I hope these bad actors do not deter you from continuing on! You are an inspiration and one day I will hopefully be able to give back to the community as you have! Thank you again!


Thanks for letting me know that things are going well for you. I love to hear it, when someone really understands why and how this method works. The best thing is it never changes, once you get it, then you can just keep making money year in and year out.. Thanks for sharing.. And not to worry, Im not going anywhere anytime soon. Now the website has been taken down, so all is good.


Dude I went from $1500 to $6000 in 3 weeks using your strategy.

That's doubling my account TWICE.. :)

Thanks Luc!


Awesome.. thats great to hear.. Insane how fast a small account can grow.. Just keep that up and you wont believe where you will be in a year from now..


there are many of us out here that you are helping tremendously!!! Im new to the crypto space and you have made all the difference. Thanks a million!

I have heard you mention another group, community, or social platform in your last video, I haven't been able to locate it...would you share a link or send an invite


Its a slack.. and there is no invite right now, because our slack got too big too fast.. (over 4,000 members) But im sure we will have an invite again soon.


I still seem to be having troubles properly using Luc's system. I need a little mentoring and would like to know if you would be willing to help me out. We can discuss a consulting fee as I understand the value of time and knowledge. I would go directly to the Jedi master but he has alot on his plate and probably doesn't have the time to get me pointed in the right direction. I have watched his videos and I do see how it works but I have so many questions that need to be answered. If you would be so inclined to set something up please message me at Thanks

You should consider creating a chat with Discordapp rather than Slack. More control and functionality, less caos.

Waiting for your next video! :OO

Eagerly awaiting your next post (I am checking multiple times a day), when are you going to let us know your thoughts on the drop @quickfingersluc


I apologize, I havn't even looked at my blog in days.. Im very active in the slack, but I know most of you are not invited in yet.. its very hard to divide up my time.. We just made a killer trade on that drop to 6,000 and the bounce to 7800 thats happening right now.. I loaded up on NEO as my biggest position around 72ish average.. its at 105 so far in this bounce..


Wish we can get into your slack group! I saw and they're creating a dapp for traders to post strategies and predictions and will get awarded for them if they're correct. There's a short 2 minute video in there that explains everything. We can make great trades and make profits and get compensated even more elsewhere.

Hey Luc if you could I would really appreciate some feedback; is KNC a good buy right now? I see the base at 34k and I bought in at 29.8k but I'm afraid now that that mini bounce was the actual bounce...Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.02.41 PM.png


Wow thats quite the panic happening.. those .00034s sure look like a good base to me.. but maybe there is news effecting this drop.. I hate it when there is a slow grind lower and not a fast panic.. if you bought 29s and you have plenty of bullets left to buy even lower as it continues to drop, then you should be fine.. I would buy anywhere around 24s and then huge around 18s if it ever gets that far.. but likely around 25s it will bounce and you will be in profit pretty quick when it does.. unless there is some bad news effecting this.. I dont have time to try to look up the news.... You did buy in a a great spot for your first nibble


Hi Luc, wanted to inform you of another KNC trading opportunity. KNC dipped to 25 now, which means if we get a return to base that's a solid 35% return. I saw that KNC is part of your portfolio (albeit your smallest holding lol) but have you gotten a chance to see why the heck this thing keeps falling? Main news items is mainnet launch on 2/11 and from past observation a sell off was expected, but this thing just keeps falling. Just getting a little nervous because this bounce is taking a lot longer than others that I've been through so far.


Luc, really appreciate you taking the time to reply even when you're super busy. Yeah that's the thing, theres no news as far as I can tell which is why I'm surprised by this drop. I think what it is is just the aftermath of people dumping after the mainnet launch. Mainnet launch was at 2/11 3:00 CT which as you can see is precisely when the drop off starts. I'm relatively new to the crypto space but I've seen this play out with other coins in the same way, pump towards a big event and then dump after. Hopefully I can capitalize on the irrational selling.

Hope you're able to put a stop to it. I have a wordpress account I'll see if I can flag it.


Looks like it's gone already


Yeah, hopefully wordpress shut him down for good.. Thank you, anyone who helped out..


so Luc while you are already up how about another video ;}
thanks for all the others im about 17/31 videos now and 3 good trades using
your system already ....thanks again, Hank


I'm pretty sure all of us will keep a look out for you and protect what you have shared with us. It is a gift.. and we truly appreciate it. At least I know I do.

If I may, I have a question... and if not you.. possibly someone else can answer. I've watched all your videos and i don't think you've addressed the subject of how to know when to get out after buying on the dip. Are there indicators you look at? I know you've missed some big run ups.. which is okay because you still have made your profit. But do you have indicators you look at when deciding when to sell.

Thanks for all you do for us!


Luc trades naked (the chart, not him). As you can see from his videos, there is no indicators besides volume bars at the bottom.

As for when to sell, anywhere in profit is a good spot to sell. The safest method is layering your sells out until base. Why? because if the chart has always respect bases, the price will likely also return to base this time as well. You can leave a little profit to sell later just in case the bounce goes higher than base.


In trading, our worst enemy is greed.

These people makes me so mad.. Trying to sell our God Luc's name. How bad it is even to think for a such good person.. What's the matter with these people.. He does enough for us already without asking anything back from us and these guys don't leave him alone :-(

Hello luk do you also do private coachings:)?

I was thinking, Your strategy is all about breaking and restesting horizontal support (bases). And this retesting almost always occurs. Thanks for the insight.

i love your work
Can you please invite me to your slack channel... i m eager to join the community...


There are many waiting for that invite into the slack.. I hope we have an invite for you soon.. Just keep watching my blog and I will post it as soon as we have and invite again.


fingerscrossed - thanks again for sharing your knowledge.


Hey Luc. Some members of the community created a discord group that many of us have been using to share ideas and concepts we learned from your videos. I'm sure if you made a post about the Discord room it would hold people off from always asking about the Slack room.

Here is the room for you to check out yourself:

Man oh man, it's beyond pathetic...

Man.... That stinks! Glad the site was taken down 3 hours after. Thanks for making the time to create these posts/videos. My wife and I can not thank you enough. I have done so many beautiful trades in the short 30 days I have been trading. Thanks Luc!

Good work

Glad this imposter was taken down. I agree with all others, you have helped us so much, it's awful that someone would do this. Thank you for all you do. I just started 4 days ago .. yes .. right before the crash and sadly on the day fo the crash could not trade. I am anxious to hear how you dealt with the crash and what your suggestions are for trading now because everything seems to be swinging up :). Thanks for all you do, it is much appreciated!!

Hey Luc, I was wondering, do you transfer your profits to USDT when trading? What do you think about USDT? I've been just keeping my gains in ETH. Thanks!

I love your videos, your trading strategies are changing my life. Thank you so much!

Hey Luc, I wanted to ask you a question on what the difference is between your style trading and basic support level breakout trading. From what I understand, you are defining your bases by a significant upward bounce that occurs at a price point. And you're confident that if price drops below that point for some reason, especially if it happens in a short amount of time aka panic sell, that it'll come back to that base and you cash in when it does. If that's what you're doing, then I don't see much a difference between QFL trading and trading that happens off classic TA support levels. For example in TA, you see over a period of time that price does not dip below a certain price point. So, if/when it does, you are confident that it will come up again to that level of support or above, and you make your sell. Isn't the fundamental idea there the same? You buy at a price you know is a bargain, knowing that 9/10 it's gonna go back up again


yeah super long post you'll probably not read this, but anyone else who also has some input feel free haha

Sad to see fraud off your success.

New invite for Slack would be 👌. As a dev I'd even be happy to set up an invite page in return, automating the process for all.

Hi Luc, I started a trading steemit blog dedicated to practicing your method.

I go in detail over my entire day with prices and snapshots of my trades. I'll be doing this every trading day!

The first post I have with snapshots is called Trading Day One (Part two)

I also have included a big list of profitable cryptopia coins that you may find valuable.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

And thank you for sharing your knowledge. I haven't missed a trade yet.

Such a shame, I guess some people have none. I've noticed here many are using other content creators videos from YouTube for a post and are not giving created where due. People reply and vote as if it was the poster's original content. Not cool

Hi Luc, thanks for everything you have done to teach us about trading. I lost quite a bit of money (150k) over the last years in investments but you have given me hope I can slowly climb out of the hole with the money I have left. If I only knew about day trading and your method before, that 150k would still be around. As one of my successful friends put it: 'I am not scared of losing money. I am scared not being part of the game.' Very solid advice which I think can apply to trading too. I am uploading a pic of a trade I took and I hope it makes you proud. 64% profit. Thanks again and I look forward to participating in the slack group in the future. You are a true inspiration my friend!

good trade.png

Hi Luc, I hope idiots (like those stealing your videos) don’t discourage you from continuing your blog/videos. Your information has positively impacted so many people’s lives and I know how grateful I, and others, are to have found you. I realize you don’t take donations, but I believe in Karma and I’m sure there is a special place in heaven for you. Thanks again for all your time and effort. It’s much appreciated!!

Thank you for being quick to notify everyone. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!


Im going back to some of your first videos and they are not working.Is there any way to see them again

that is annoying, sorry to hear that

I am so thankful I found your posts and videos! I'm a n00b who bought my first cryptocurrency in December... I bought 4 litecoin as it was on its way up and then had no idea what to do with all the profit... I let it sit there until I lost most of it.

I've found some great community and there are some really good youtubers out there, but nothing foundational that I can wrap my head around.

Until I found your channel! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You are the kind of person who gives Canadians such a great reputation :-)

so sorry to hear that, why one earth can't people just do things themselves instead of stealing from others?
There really is no excuse.

Hey Luc quick question? How many trades would you say you make daily using your method?

To everyone here that believes Luc is a great guy with all the integrity, have a look at the screenshot below from a Discord chat.

TL;DR: He's extorting a dev by locking up his Ethereum-based game unless the dev pays him 0.1 ETH initially, then he ups it to 0.2 ETH. Class act!


See full album here for context:


Yeah thats not me.. Someone was using QuickFingerLuc as there name on discord and copy pasted my picture.. You can tell its not me because that guy swears in his posts, and I never ever do.. I took up the matter with the channel mods and they banned him...