Intro: Road to Crypto Millionaire from $10K

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Hi all,

I am starting this series off as a test to see if I should start a YouTube channel and keep blogging of my road to becoming a crypto millionaire from 10k. I have not found too many similar concepts regarding trading. So I thought this would be a good way to track my trades and movements in crypto at a high level view. (Obviously can't be too specific on trading)

I have followed Bitcoin since late 2010. Became slightly invested in 2011 and have grown small amounts of money.

Now my challenge is to use the current eco system to grow that $10k into a million after all I have learnt thus far

To explain this challenge I will be running trading bots on margin trading, and doing some small investments in different platforms.

Here is my split:

$4K using 2.5x leverage trading ETH scalping and 0.5x leverage ETH/BTC ratio

$4K using 2.5x leverage trend long term ETH trading
And 0.5x leverage on BTC trend trading long term.

$2k invested in Bitconnect platform

$200 invested in Crypto Solutions

$400 invested in GoldenCoin.

If this garners some interest I will post more detailed blog each day showing some infomation on positions I am taking in trading plus some info on how the HYIPS are doing and why I did them.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Look forward to posting more soon.


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