Bitcoin Price Forecast Results 2017 - 6 Months +404% BTC

in trading •  5 months ago

Here are the results from my technical analysis and price predictions posted on steem in 2017.

DateBTC PricePrice ForecastPrice MovementP/L% BTC
12th June 2017$2900Down> $2300 Correction$2337 reached 15th return upward23.0769%
3rd July 2017$2625Down> $1800 Bottom$1938 reached 27th30.1118%
18 July 2017$2281up < $2500 Top$2500 reached 20th9.16126%
23rd July 2017$2833down < $2500 Bottom$2453 reached 25th12.4883%
25th July 2017$2453up with close below $2500
return downtrend
$2800 reached 28th13.2115%
4th August 2017$3125Move Below $3100 Downtrend
above $3300 Uptrend
$3187-$3305 DailyNIL
7th August 2017$3205Buy$11,622262%
5th December 2017$11,622$18,00054.87%
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