[ Trading ] Well done Bitcoin Bulls!

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Was this Alessio Rastani’s big event or was it Tone’s 9 on the sequential indicator or was it the ETF news or did we fall to far too fast?

I don’t know, but all the bulls are out and buying again. How far up will we go? There is a lot of resistance coming, but $8000 looks easy now.

Here are the views of Dan from the Chart Guys:

Here is Alessio Rastani’s view:

Here is Tone Vay’s view on the bull run:

Zukul Bot Update: Yesterday I switched on my BTC and BCH bots and made some profit for the first time in months. I am keeping those bots on until I think we going down again. So far it looks like we are going to $8000. :)

Do you think we will see bitcoin breaking $8000 soon?

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Thank you. :)

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Some consolidation now and then $8000 next stop. :)

That would be very nice to see. :)

I believe we could still see some further downside movement before we set our sights on reaching $8,000. Huge market manipulations have taken place and forced price up $1,000 in three days.. this is a clear reflection of market manipulation and thats exactly why the bull run wont occur yet, these manipulators are creating false hope in investors to make themselves even more money!

Thanks for being a blessing! You've got a new follower!

Thank you very much!

I really hope we can hold the momentum and after a short consolidation keep the bull run going. On many charts we are hitting some strong resistances at the moment, that need to be broken with volume. Let's see what will happen, but I'm a lot more positive about the development than the past weeks, that were very tough for us all...

We will don't you worry sir!!

Black rock and etf news :) upvoted good luck!

Which is perfect time to enter in crypto..
Someone say it's right time..
What you think about ETF ?
Tell me Which is best coin for invest now..

If you are crypto adviser than say me to follow you..

I never see it as a good sign when it spikes vertical 10% then treads water horizontally like it has.

If its good enough to spike so quickly, it should be good enough to continue to creep slowly higher. Not liking it as it looks pure manipulation only - not the next bull run.

Just my 2c 😆

Bitcoin rose over $1,000 in a quick succession over three days, this particular movement is a clear demonstration of market manipulation. Moves like this aren't a reflection of a healthy market and cant be sustained. I believe investor/companies with major control of the market have achieve their goal of manipulating the market and forcing investors and individuals into believing the bullish run has finally began.

Price saw a clear rejection around the $7,600 region, although we could potentially see a small push closer towards the $7,800 region before we see price dive lower. I believe after the huge market manipulation over the past week, we could see price plummet back down towards atleast the $6,800 or even as low as $6,000.

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