[ Trading ] Bitcoin Bulls running up to $8000!

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The Bitcoin Bulls run with the price up to 8000. I did not expect it to break 7800 this soon, but now we have more resistance at $8000. Will we see a pull back now?

We have support at about 7250, but if this fails we go down to 6700. Will the bulls take us to above 8000 this week or will see pull back first?

I would like to see a pull back so I can re-enter Bitcoin. I sold little bit early yesterday at $7600.

Here is Dan from the Chart Guys, he is not looking to enter at these high RSI levels:

Do you think are due for a pull back?

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I think a pullback is due. The daily RSI is at around 80. The last time that happened was end of April and we know what happened in May. :(


I see the MFI is also over bought. Bitraged on YT thinks it is a bull trap. Watch here:

Great article! A very bullish day on the charts today with price managing to push above the $8,000 level. This is a very important psychological level for Bitcoin and will have to hold if we are to see price move to the upside towards $10,000. I believe we could see a slight push higher before a small pull back to the $8,000 region to see if we can find support here!


Looks like we are making small pull back now. Do you think we will see 10k next?


Wow, are we talking 10k already?


hahah feels weird to be talking about $10,000 again.. Its hard to say at this point in time. There are a few resistance levels between where we are and $10,000. This huge rise has been causes by major market manipulations, it is normal to see major sell off after these sort of strings being pulled. Markets will be very volatile but i believe we could potentially keep pushing until $10,000

Bitcoin going rocket now I can see it 9k this month hope i will true need your blessings


Bitcoin bulls are very strong at the moment. 9000 will be amazing.


This was a very welcome rally. We will have to see how low this consolidation goes.

I'm in waiting position for BTC breaking the 8k and undervalued altcoins to catch up on the upward trend.
As soon as BTC breaks the 8k clearly and I see TRX and Nano following, I will move my money there for a potential 3-4 x growth shortterm.


I hope the Alt's will move next. Bitcoin is getting all the shine. Maybe with Bitcoin consoldiation it will give Alts some shine?


I would like to see the Alts do good to. Like Steem above $2 again please. :)


I'm also wondering.... If we take the highs from different Alts from May, there is a 3-4X growth potential with many of them now, while 3-4X for BTC would mean it has to go to 24-32k! This won't happen anytime soon.
So for me the most logical thing would be to go into Alts - solid ones like the ones I mentioned.
Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm one of the few people who even think that way....

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