Tradeqwik Logo Contest about to Wrap Up

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With our epic maintenance cycle behind us, we have a few more exciting tidbits to share with you.

  • We have gotten an overwhelming response to our logo contest, with close to a hundred entries! Thank you to all who have participated so far and who will participate. You have about a day and a half left to submit your best work. We, however, will need an extension so that we can make the right choice for our logo among so many great submissions. We will announce the winner a week later than originally planned.

  • SteemVoter is now working. Those of you who have shared your VIVA IDs should be seeing an automatic upvote by @tradeqwik to your blog posts. If your posts are not getting our upvote, please reach out again and we'll get you set up. Once I upvote your comment where you've posted your VIVA ID, that means I've entered it into the autovoting program.

  • Tradeqwik will be hiring! Stay tuned for an article with more details and application instructions.

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great to be here in @tradeqwik.. My id is 25136300738656101

Hi i haven't been added to your voting system i think - my id is 4372973996442764867. Thanks

Thank You @tradeqwik
Waiting for your recruitments.

this is nice i hope i can join soon

Hi I know I'm a little late to the party but here is my logo entry:

And when including the full name:


Thought I would post it here also. Hope it's not to late!

VIVA ID: 303433207437642326

Tradeqwik will be hiring!

Any chance of a sneak preview into what kind of talent you are looking to hire?

100 entries is great. My Viva ID is 4773924046533360191

That's a lot of participation! Good!

you have my viva id and you did upvote my comment but my posts are not getting your vote yet.

Great to hear! Keep all the great work!

Close to a hundred entries ? Woah, that sounds awesome :D


Beuatiful friend

My Id is 1743355611978762228
This is such a great concept you've started

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Almost a hundred TradeQwik Logo entries is awesome! We have some amazing artists in the Steemit community and I'm happy to hear that so many are interested in the VIVA community!


We might have blown right past 100...


I might be responsible for like 20 entries... lol.... told some friends from Hong Kong and they were very responsive! :)

great exchange. my viva id is 2955756660077854743

my id is 3540736689130834950