Tradeqwik Back Online, Announces Prizes for Successful Easter Egg Hunters

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Tradeqwik is now back online! Lots of things happened during the super long extended maintenance period. Here are the highlights.

  • Dividends on TQS were paid on 100% of trading fees.
  • Treasury Rights were all sunk (even if they were on the market) at a rate of 800 VIP per TR.
  • VIP/VIVA market was removed.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was added.
  • A temporary BTC/BCH market was added.
  • Various security updates and at least one server migration

There will be more updates to come, which hopefully won't take nearly as long including...

  • The ability to toggle VIP between compounding and retirement mode (for those who have 8,760 or more VIP
  • The issue of one new TR for every whole Crown owned
  • The full functioning of deposits and withdrawals

For those of you who participated in the Rubber Ducky Easter egg hunt, please follow these instructions to claim your prize(s)

  • Submit your found Easter eggs in an email to
  • Put "Rubber Ducky Sez!" in the email subject line
  • You have 24 hours to submit the email
  • Please include your VIVA ID in your email
  • The person with the highest total number of Easter eggs will win one of everything we sell.
  • Everyone else gets one merit Crown for each egg they found. Merit Crowns have all the rights and privileges of regular Crowns except they are locked to Tradeqwik and cannot be bought or sold for one year.

Congratulations to all the Easter egg hunt winners!

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Delighted I at least got a few before I had to go to bed, and took a few guesses at the hints that were thrown about on discord channel too.


At Tradeqwik, we do maintenance right... in more ways than one ;)

Smoothest and most fun transition for the fork! Well done!

Swapping my bitcoin over to tradeqwik today now bitcoin transactions are unlocked! Great work with the entire platform so far!



lmao I love Easter. Good picture upvote if you like BACON!

I got some of the Easter Eggs and I'm writing my email now! Such an exciting night!!! Thanks for this contest which is just an added bonus to an already great VIVA platform!


You're welcome. It was fun for all of us :)

No idea how I missed the easter egg hunt, doh! Happy to see we are back up and running though! Thanks for the hard work guys :-)


You're welcome!

looks beautiful, keep going

Nice photos. Congratulations to the winners

Can you tell me more about it....

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

How many TR's do we get per whole crown now?


One, as always.


The code that makes TRs work is being rewritten. So new TRs are not going to be issued for a day or two.


I've held >1 crown for many weeks now, but I've never received a TR. Do they show up on tradeqwik? Or are they not useful until more of the economy is functioning?

great exchange and easy to operate and quite id is 5698194684618527463

gr8 effort to motivate fellow id is 1890744286743634828

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

how did I not see this!!! well, because I was sleeping... that's one precious egg I missed.