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I have been following the on Twitter and what they have been sharing with the audience so far. But first let me explain that this is a cryptocurrency exchange with a motto ; better, faster and smarter crypto trading. Not just this motto but it is important the transparency of the project too. And I see how much the cryptocurrency exchange are transparent with their operations which shows that they really care about their customers. They protect the customers from the theft, as you may know unfortunately it happens in the markets to lose the keys and get lost the money. But they have a system that protects the customers to the most.

Here is the proof for that , which makes me happy ;

Check it here in their latest tweet you can see how their security team recovered a great number of the stolen tokens.

If you want to visit and have a look on "your next favorite exchange" - Click the link!
It is a Swiss company and definitely they are revolutionizing the exchange markets.
The team of have a great experience and their history is shining with the trading. In a project on the blockchain the advisers have a very important role for pushing a firm further. Theiradvisers have founded a successsful brokerage firms Primus Capital markets UK is one of them. The former started more than 9 years ago now on at the same time made the regulations on the foreign exchange and CFD trading platform which exceeded the 180B$ worth of the transactions per year.

The term CFD stands for Contract For Difference. This is a contract to exchange the difference in value of a financial instrument (the underlying market) between the time at which the contract is opened and the time it is closed.

The main idea; behind the as a replacement trading exchange for the actual system with a goal being more efficient and to be more transparent, by using the networks of the immutable technology of the blockchain. The system of the consists of the token which can be used for multi-purposes; with the liquidity pol the users are able to invest the assents with their membership by using the token. And the will return the gain/loss from that in return in 50%. So this is a network where people can be part of it, to share the earning or losses by the system and to be part of it they have to invest 2500 tokens of tio trade.

So this can be a great investment opportunity, also the other opportunities that the company is looking for providing to the traders includes the trading possibility as explained how the traders can be part of the trading platform via membership if they pay 2500 trade tokens. The other ways that most of the exchanges do not have for the investments are the liquidity pools, investment banking opportunities and daily distributions and many more.

The token of is ERC-20 Token with Ethereum smart contract. The smart contracts that underlie this token have been written using the Majoolr system. The Majoolr team are deecntralized team and have a good knowledge on the technical sides.

I trust into this team and Swiss culture, recommend you to have a look on this exchange and let me know what you think about it.

The Airdrop

In there is an Airdrop on going, for the kick of they have their first competition with a bang which offers 1 million KTOS tokens which worth 130K USD. Where the traders have to make as more tradings to get the chance to earn the highest number of the KTOS tokens, see the prize numbers below, but first read how to enter on the Airdrop competition;

● Users must sign up to the Exchange by 22nd January. Anyone signed up to Exchange is eligible to participate in the competition.
● On Wednesday 23rd January, users will be airdropped 75 KTOS tokens to their account.
● KTOS will also be listed on this day, so users can purchase more tokens to compete with to increase their chances of winning!
● The competition will take place for a total of 10 days, from 22nd January – 1st February.

All accounts participating in the Liquidity Pool will share 1 million KTOS tokens proportionally.

Ranking of prizes

1st prize: 200,000 KTOS
2nd & 3rd prize: 70,000
4-10: 35,000
11-20: 20,000
21-50: 5,000
51-80: 1,500
81-100: 1,000

For more details check the link

Personally I think that we will never know what the price of a token can be , because is a serious project and this tokens can be very valuable, so its worth it to try make some tradings and maybe earn some tokens from the airdrop.. Give it a try.


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