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Aatifi is an Afghan - German artist who is well known for his exhibition at the Islamic Arts section of the Pergamon (Bergama) Museum Berlin during 2015.

He blends calligraphy art with abstract modernism.

All photos by me.

In the same museum, an early 19th century dagger from Iran is inscribed in Persian:

Ze hosh-e Falatu/n damash tirtar //
Ze abru-ye dilda/r khunriztar


(The dagger’s) proud breath is sharper than Plato’s intellect
(and) bloodier than the eyelashes of the lady companion

Isn’t it delicious when aesthetics meets philosophy.


Zamanda yolculuk

Aatifi Afgan ve Alman kökenli bir sanatçı. 2015 yılında Berlin Pergamon (Bergama) müzesinin İslami Sanatlar bölümünde çarpıcı bir sergisi gerçekleşti. Kaligrafiyi soyut modernizm ile ele alıyor.

Fotoğraflar bana ait.

Aynı müzede 19. yüzyıl başına tarihlenen bu hançer ise İran’dan ve üzerinde Persçe aşağıdaki yazı var:

Ze hosh-e Falatu/n damash tirtar //
Ze abru-ye dilda/r khunriztar

(Bu hançerin)
Gururlu nef(e)sim Eflatun’un zekasından keskin
yarin sürmesinden kanlıdır

Estetik ve felsefe biraraya gelince tadına doyulmuyor.



Quite a large shapes as I can see,but used well and placing is really neat

Hançerin işlemeleri muazzam. Fotoğraflar için elinize sağlık.

Very Nice Artworks... And Beautiful Photography.

The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.

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