Wolverine vs Sabertooth Part One

in toys •  11 months ago

Here are some new pictures.
In the background, there is a fisher price playset I am in the process of modifying so it will work better with Marvel legends.
Here also you can see what a difference 10+ years can make,

Marvel Legends Series 5 Sabretooth was made in 2003
Marvel Legends Juggernaut wave Wolverine was made in 2016

Starting to mess with different filters and effects.

More Prisma Filters

Sometimes close-ups are blurry , Sometimes not

The Sabertooth has articulated fingers. Not seen on Marvel Legends in many many years.

Wolverine looks to jump off of things

Stay with me and I will have a Part Two soon!
Thank you and have a nice day!

UPDATE: part 2 is up at https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@spacetrucker/wolverine-vs-sabertooth-part-two
I still do not know what I am doing and instead of the first #tag being #toys I put it under #introduceyourself

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Thanks for the votes!
Here is a Deadpool!

That black and white primsa really makes a cool effect, almost a drawn like feel, what app was it you were using or is it just the default camera app?


Prisma is the name it is in the google play store. Also imgur had some filters too