Another Depressing Funko Pop Collection...

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This one I kinda feel bad about. I always post photos and write up’s of some of the cool collections that come into our shop. This time...I felt a bit sad afterwards. Now I’ll preface this by saying, I didn’t even really want this one. There’s nothing here of any substantial all. It’s pretty much all commonplace pieces and shit that will sit around for a bit. But I ended up with it anyway of course because I’m dumb.

I already have 90% of what’s here 10 times over again. So I was upfront about it when the gentleman popped into the shop with 2 tubs and a bag full of assorted collectibles. This collection consisted of 60 pieces in total. 44 of which were Funko Pops with the remaining 16 being Vinyls, Dorbz, and sone other shitty figures.

About 20 seconds in, I already knew I pretty much didn’t want this stuff. It’s just excess nonsense. We have over 3000 different Pops on our sales floor and another 15,000 or so in the back room consisting of repeats. I just do not need any more of this kind of stuff unless it’s pieces I don’t already have. I basically told him this and he said he didn’t care. That he had no room for it and would take anything.

He then shot out a number. “Can ya pay $45 bucks?” he asked. “I’ll give ya $40 as I have mostly everything several times over” I replied. He sighed with relief and thanked me which seemed odd. Before I paid him I told him that he’d make more selling em online. It’s not bad stuff...horror stuff always does well so I’ll go through this eventually. But it’s just stuff I already had. “No time” he replied.

I handed him his 2 twenties and that’s when he told me that his girl gave him the boot and he was currently homeless. That he had to get rid of his possessions and find a place to crash. That’s when I felt awful. I mean, while I didn’t want this stuff...I got it for a fucking song. It breaks down to .66 cents an item or .90 cents a Pop. That’s next to nothing, and I felt bad.

I was actually going to give him some more money...even another $20 or something but then he mentioned that he’d be back as he has more to dump. So if he cones back, I’ll give him a healthier chunk of change in the hopes that it helps him out of his dark spot.

I wished him well and told him I hoped things started turning around soon. He seemed in good spirits for someone who was in that position...if that’s actually true. He told me it’ll turn around soon, and then he left. Hopefully to go find a room for the night or something like that, and not to go buy dope or something along those lines.

Either way, I felt down about this one. If the story is true, then this guy is in a shit place in his life. Having to sell his collectibles that he obviously cherished at some point...just so he could have a roof over his head for a night or two while he figured shit out.’s even darker than that and he’s more lost than I initially thought. Whatever way it breaks just kinda made me feel a bit sad and shitty.



I don't think you should feel bad. You helped a little, which is probably more than most others would do. And it sounds legit, or he probably would have given you a sob story *** before*** you made the deal. <3

Yeah maybe. We often can sniff out the completely ridiculous bullshit stories.

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I think there comes a time in every Funko Pop collectors life where, he gets kicked out of home. Goes with the territory.

Too soon?

You May be onto something. Lol. It’s not our first rodeo. We’ve had a few similar scenarios to deal with. The best was a couple months back, this cracked out dude was bringing us bags of comics from the 70’s. Nothing earth shattering but decent stuff. He said his attic was full of em. Anyway, he saw a copy of Mar el Spotlight 5 which is the first appearance of Ghost Rider, sitting on our wall. He points and says “I used to have that years ago but I sold it”. I asked if he remembered what he got for it and he replied with “10 Vicodin”. Lol. We get all the winners in our shop.

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These sell at fnac here for 15€ a pop...

I hope the guy didn't steal them!.

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Nah he seemed pretty broken up about it. Had horror themed tattoos and spoke of them as if they were his. We can usually sniff out the stolen stuff often times and when they come up we pass as we don’t want any part of that.

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cheers man.

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That must be a tough part of your business. Hope that guy gets his life sorted out. It seems some shops around here have half their space taken up with these things, so I guess they must sell, but that floods the market to make second hand worth a lot less unless you have the rare ones. Are they staying popular?

Yeah. I hate to see that. Who knows the real situation but as a collector of nonsense, I know you gotta be at s real low point in life to move prized possessions. Hope he figures it all out.

Yeah they are stupid popular. They have grown into a juggernaut of a company just off of this specific line of toys. Pretty nutty. There are a gazillion different ones. What fetches moolah are the ultra limited exclusives and variants. Or even sometimes they will retire making a regular release piece. A popular character that used to be worthless can fetch major coin when that happens as new collectors w yet the market. Supply and demand.

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Alpha Investments on YouTube has stuff like this all the time I'm sure.

This was more depressing than usual, but he talks all the time about people going under water on something they think is going to the moon and then have to sell for pennies on the dollar just to pay off a high interest credit card.

It's a rough position for everyone involved, but that $40 maybe the start for him getting out of the hole.

Yup. We have seen it in the shop with folks that come in guns a blazing. We always think “this guy is not long for this world” and often times, after they have stupidly gone against our recommendations and bought dumb shit thinking it would put their kids through college, come back to ya trying to sell for pennies on the dollar. Quite a weird thing to see happen over and over through the years.

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I've always found that most people who find themselves in shit circumstances, is usually due to their own shitty actions. That being said it's extremely hard to be introspective and most people blame someone for their problems.

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Probably true. I’m not judging though. I’ve been in my own dark places before and will be again. Often times due to my own way of thinking or dwelling. Either way, sucks to see people when they are at their lowest.

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Nah, don't feel bad. That guy is clearly a fool, he could have easily created a roof over his head for way longer if he had used the pops themselves to build himself a fort. Plus, it works as a portable fuck shack for when he's gotta suck a fat penis to feed his crippling meth addiction. Fucking idiot.

On a serious note though, that sucks some major ass. Hope the guy gets his life sorted out quickly.

Pop fort. I wonder if that’ll be the future of these things 20 years down the road. Lol

Also, I am going to be adding yet another bonus to your pop shipment. Lol. Been a few the next few days aren’t getting any easier. Ugh. Nycc

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There are worse fates, they could end up as sun bleached, nicotine soaked decorations in the front and rear windows of cars. Like Beanie Babies. Thankfully, I think at worst they'll end up as cum tribute objects for sweaty dudes to post to reddit.

Yeah, I was gonna hit you up again about it in a bit since I saw you mention 10 days of hell in a post a day or two ago. Wanted to give you some breathing room and not harass you while you're rolling around in a public restroom jacking it and crying. But, yeah. I won't say no to a bonus Pop, because I'm a slut for them, baby.

Good luck surviving NYCC, though. Make sure to bring pepper spray, donuts and cherry flavored lubricant. Actually, just bring the lubricant, that should be enough.

I remember a long time ago that you were trying to unload a heap of those Funko Pop things. I think I called them Fucko Pops at the time. 🤨

Anyway, seems like you're a sucker for some Funko Pops but in this case...Well, helping out old-mate like that is cool. Throw him an extra 20 and walk away feeling good that you have helped out someone who needed it. That sort of stuff comes back 10-fold. Never know, that dude could be me or you someday.

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Lol. Fucko...same thing. Yeah, to be honest I’ll take any of em for a buck a pop. No brainer.

But yeah, I hope he gets his shit together.

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Howdy sir blewitt! yeah that's a tough position to be in if it's true. Has he been back so you could find out more? You still helped him out though.