Dighar handshake Most recently, on the occasion of the hudhud hit my schedule was spent some time in the Digha beach of East Midnapore district of West Bengal

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Dighar handshake

Most recently, on the occasion of the hudhud hit my schedule was spent some time in the Digha beach of East Midnapore district of West Bengal. The emergency message has been delayed due to a ban on the journey. Darjeeling, such as mountainous mountains, tea-gardens and mountainous scenes, on the opposite side of West Bengal, Digha is a scenic view of beach beaches and coastal scenes. Digha is one of India's healthiest and seashells. The best beach in West Bengal. Large waves and loud thunderstorms are inclined to the mind. And beautiful scenes of sunset! It will be remembered that for a long time, walking along the sidewalk along the beach and wiping the ocean in the sea. Digha has been divided into two parts. An old lighthouse There are a lot of waves and thunders of the sea. This is the real digha. Bathing is not allowed here. The new digha is quieter. Sometimes bathing is allowed here. Your body senses a different sensation by bathing in the ocean.

Although the queues along the beach can ruin the residential hotel environment, these hotels can enjoy the wonderful views of the ocean. There is not enough room for the hotel to show that there is a lot of residential crisis in the high season. Situated beside Digha, the night sky is the night sky. Next to him is Tajpur, Junput, Udaipur, Shankarpur beach. There are also more Digha-Odisha Border crossing the Tulsi beach. The characteristics of these beaches are that, on any one of the beaches (night stay), all the beaches can be enjoyed. Distributed taxis are available in abundance. The living world of living creatures in the Dingar Marine Aquarium. In the New Dive Science Center, the tools of science study of all classes of people, The stars There's Disney Park with newly built Toy Train in Amravati Park and its back streets. Amravati can be boating in the park. At the end of the new dive, on the side of the Udaypur beach, a great opportunity to visit the newly constructed West Bengal state tourism department, Tent night, with great lodge and flower gardens. Besides, there are residential and residential properties of the entire lighthouse. You can spend the night at a low cost, with the ticket showing in the retiring room at Daiga station. Express trains from Howrah take 3 to 3 hours. Apart from the Howrah or Dharmtala, various government-private AC / Volvo / general buses are operating on the road. It takes 4 to 4 hours from Kolkata to Digha by road.

The ocean on the edge of the vast Zhaban, Eucalyptus, Akashmani, Kaktas and Kazu Baggans The estuarine of Jalada canal of Temparami and Tajpur Enjoying this beautiful mating from Dujaygaa. It is possible to ride in the boat. Enjoy the activities of Red Crab. Therefore, those who have time - do not let the little lighthouse and its surroundings from the sea!


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