STEEM to hit One Million TX in a Day. Help Steem Achieve this Historical Milestone

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Steemit has been hitting new milestones every single month since its launch and the results are really starting to show.

Let’s look at a few points that I think a lot of people on Steemit take for granted but it really is incredible:

  • Steemit is the first platform to successfully attract average users onto and to regularly use a crypto currency platform.
  • It is the first to offer a good account creation process that is simple and doesn’t require any research.
  • It’s one of the first to offer account recovery options for users who have been hacked.
  • It is one of the fastest blockchains available with transactions completing in 3 seconds hundreds of thousands of times a day.
  • It’s one of the first crypto currencies to offer a payment process where the user simply enters the recipient's account name.

When you look at the achievements Steem has made so far, personally I don’t think it has had the recognition it deserves. It needs us Steemians to shout about it a little more.

However, this post isn’t about what Steem has done before. There is one other milestone coming up…. A HUGE milestone that will be the first crypto currency to ever do this (yes Steem is beating Bitcoin in this area). The news is that Steem is about to hit the famous ONE MILLION TRANSACTIONS IN ONE DAY.

One Million Transactions in a Day

This will be the very first time ever that any crypto currency has achieved transactions of this scale. If you compare this to the issues bitcoin has been going through with their huge delays and pricey transaction fees, this clearly puts Steem on the map as a crypto currency that is scalable.

When this happens, this will be a big day for us all. This is the kind of news that will push Steem as a crypto currency into the crypto coin news channels and ultimately into some of the mainstream news websites.

We Need Everybody’s Help

The 1 million tx day is coming whether we like it or not. Steem is growing at such a rate that it is unavoidable. The reason I am posting about this is because we all need to help Steem when this news actually happens.

When the day arrives, this is the kind of news that Steem needs to get mainstream attention. I can almost see the mainstream headlines now “Look out Bitcoin, Steem hits 1 million transactions a day”. This kind of exposure always ends up with more users.

With this news in the air, this will be the perfect time to tell all your friends family, work colleagues, whoever to get more people on board. Once this happens we will all benefit from it and see that our own investment in the platform grow.

Pre 1 Million Plan

  • @samupaha has already started the tag #tothemillion. For anyone who wants to support. Read those posts, upvote them, resteem them or even write your own to help the news grow.
  • I am part of dedicated promo-uk team. Steem growth is what we are all about so I will mention this to the team so they can extend this article’s reach.
  • Already mentioned above but it is important, share the news to your own following whatever way you can.

Post 1 Million Plan

Once the news hits, no doubt people following the blockchain closely will report this. We all need to celebrate and shout out wherever we can. Keep an eye on the #tothemillion tag for the latest news to share.

  • Tell your friends and family about the news.
  • Personally, I will be helping to outreach the news externally to crypto news websites and hopefully mainstream media sites. A press release is being requested from Steemit Inc but if needed I will help create one for this occasion. If you have your own contacts that might be able to share the news. Please share it with them.
  • Facebook it, Tweet it, LinkedIn it, Instagram it. Whatever you can do to help extend this news will help.

What Will This do?

As @samupaha said is his article. Many people join Steemit because they think and want Steem to go to the moon. Before we get to the moon, we need to reach a million transactions in a day.

The point I am making is that everybody on Steemit holds Steem of some amount. The more we all work together as a team to spread the positive news about the platform the more our Steem will be worth and the more value our accounts will be as more people come on board.

So please help us build up to this point. Check on SteemDB for the latest statistics (currently at 763000. So close!) and help us make Steem a better, busier and more valuable place by getting #tothemillion.

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Hey Adam, UpVoted, and Resteemed. Thanks for all the help, I have the price feed working.

Weyyy 1 mil looks good

Upvoted. One more transaction.
Commented. One more transaction.
Only 999998 missing.


This amused me. Upvoted. Another transaction. :)

Hello @adamm, I am trying to do my part in 1 million posts in a day on Steemit!

Together we can do it! Steem on!!

One Million Transactions in a Day!
This is unbelievable, I'm not even finest reading but I had to comment and upvote this content!

Thats great news , i gonna join tothemillion shout out . Thanks for sharing this info !!

Thank you for the initiative

Found this via love this site too, hopefully we can hit this!

How much will the coin be worth I wonder once we teach one million posts a day.. Will the speed of the site slow down..?

Yo. I found out not that long time ago about Steemit. Just randomly on youtube, cause before looked like no one here didn know anything about it. I wondering why.
Right after told my best buddy about it, we got so interested.
So hyped.
For sure in a time 1 million user without problems? :)
P.s got my vote, cheers!!!


Heck yeah man! I have been on steemit almost a year now and we as a community continue to grow it. The momentum is picking up for real, let's keep "steeming" along!

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