Back on the Track!

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Hey! Hey Hey!


Wow.... I've been off the track for quiet a while now. Did any of you miss me? I hope so XD

I feel guilty. Guilty about not being around. The biggest reason for it is I don't have any excuse to give you. I was just being lazy.

And now I think how fast the time flies. It's almost my 1st Steemit Anniversary! I've been fooling around enough. I have to achieve my 55 milestone dream soon! So I'm back in the game.

Life is going well if you ask me, but not smoothly. Lots of complicated things and thoughts were in the path and I'm slowly untangling them to keep my vision clear. 

This post is gonna be a short one I just wanted to tell you that I'm not dead yet. (Have you wondered? lol) Just kidding guys. I'll be right back with a more interesting, less robotic post written with my whole heart ;)

And I'm sorry to inform that the TOS community will be on a break for awhile. Neither of the members are very active right now and I can't really blame them. Let's hope better for the future and I'll be keep using the tag.

And if you have time, please make some long comments about your life in the comment section. I'm desperate to chat with you!!!

That's it for now. I'm hoping to talk to you really soon!


Of course I missed you, welcome back!!!! 😃👍❤

I've seen your sisters posts and she's been busy too so I figured you are also very busy. Or maybe like you said you just got lazy and got out of the habit, which is fine too because it's good to take a break sometimes! But I'm glad to see a post from you because I find your articles to be very interesting. You're a different age than me and you live in a different part of the world than I do, so it's really cool to hear about the things that are going on in your life!

I've been doing the actifit Fitness reports almost everyday. It helps me to move around and I like using it to share a little about my day. I also like earning their tokens and getting their up votes! I really loved the community here on steemit but I will also admit that it's a good way to earn a little extra money. 💰😃

I've also been playing with my Steem Monster cards. Battling with them is fun and frustrating at the same time. I seem to be losing more battles than I win so I guess I have more to learn!

Well I hope you are able to come back again soon and share some more cool stories and Thoughts with us! 👍😎

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Aw, thank you! I feel better :)

I totally agree with you. That's greatest thing about Steemit. We get the chance interact with different people who lives far away from us and live in a different life styles. I sometimes get bored when I'm listening to my girlfriends' stories but never with you guys. I'm always interested in hearing your experiences and daily life cuz it's a whole different thing to me. I don't know if my articles are good or bad but I'm gonna take your word for it :) And I love talking to you too! I'm not open to adults but talking to you seems so natural.

I feel like I missed out a lot of things! I didn't even know about the monster battles. Well, I think my sister told me once. It seems like a good entertainment.

I also checked your blog and saw some big numbers! That's a spirit. I wonder when I will get a phone so I could post some high numbers. You're really a motivation to me.

I have some news to tell you so I will come up with a post soon. Thanks for your really really long comment :) I'm more than glad to hear from you!

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