There is something you should know! (VIDEO HD)

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STEEM is not what you think it is, and this video will show you exactly what STEEM is all about. Innovation, World Domination and the Fear of Missing out on the largest revolution since the first two Internet nodes started communicating!

Photo stolen from somewhere on the Internet

Rendered by: @picokernel
Narration by: @fyrstikken
Music: That song from Mr. Robot, something something.

What will your STEEM Account be worth in 2020? Comment below!

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Steemit has future :D

@fyrstikken Your voice is funny and mystical at same time. If I had some radio station or be involved in movie industry, I would offer you contract for your voice for sure. I recommend to you to make video about Steemit where you will explain and invite people on Steemit with this mystical voice of yours.


Well said @cmoljoe The voice makes the movie and it is an experience all of it's own, so thanks @fyrstikken that gets a 10 out of 10

2 billion people using Steem would totally change the world forever and bring down all old power systens together. Futurama!

Indeed Steemit is gonna be huge and steem would be it's fuel. Lucky and wise are those who're holding steem right now. Steemit is great platform, actually the greatest platform I have ever used. This platform even helping people to earn them their living. It is providing people opportunites to connect with users from all over the World. It's not just a social media platform, for some people it is life.


I find myself wondering if you all have seen this video?

It talks about Dan's vision for how STEEM society, or something similar, can replace our national laws, our economy and bypass violent governments. I think it's the most inspiring words I've ever heard in my lifetime, so I thought I would share it.


yes, I have seen it sir, It's about societal changes. Actually a revolution within social media. I added my comment to express the importance of steemit in this society. Because without steemit, there's no societal changes are going to happen as per dan's vision.


I agree seems like there are a lot of built in self regulation mechanisms.

Wow, very nicely done! And I share your thoughts @fyrstikken. I have said before that I feel like people treat this place like a cul de sac where we drive up and down the road and just show each other stories and pictures as we drive past one another, receiving honks and thumbs up in return. This is the suburban understanding of Steemit. Already, in only a few weeks I have seen things like peerhub, steemj and countless other smaller collaborations and projects both online and OFFLINE that are showing how much more this place can actually become, while reminding each other of the spaceships we are all actually driving.... starting from Day one of our accounts. Why limit ourselves? cheers @ecoknowme


maybe you could do a video on too to show how you can even blockchain your videos and free them from the Monopoly of YouTube. You don't need them anymore. All your views will likely be from Steemit directly anyway.... support the next generations of everything !!! when you get the chance....

love the honesty of the photo credit haha

"Photo stolen from somewhere on the Internet"

keeping it original

Hey @frystikken I know for sure by 2020 it will not be worth what yours is. You will be a steem millionaire if we get to 2usd! But I do hope for big things in the future! ✔🔝💪

If I keep doing it, my account will be worth thousands of dollars by 2020. May be it can reach a lot higher than that and touch millions.

I believe in Steem Blockchain. I love to blog and all my blogging efforts are now concentrated on Steemit. Not missing out this great oppor

Steem is the coolest social media platform out there you get great information for any topic better than on any other social media platform. I think it is because everybody is extreme motivated to give his best in his posts to get more upvotes = steem dollar and steem power is a good way then this will give you great content to read and not just some lousy stuff like on other platforms. 1 billion Steemians man that would be so awesome and I think if time goes by and nothing bad happen to steem it will come true. I see many people switching from other platforms to steemit me my self told a lot of friends and family to join and 4 did already and now they will tell there family and friends and so on. Thanks for the cool video btw crazy cool voice keep it up and steem on have a nice day got my vote and resteem :)


Nice @danyelk ) we are all happy to see new blood arriving hear to make steemit become what it should be ,quite simply the best social media web site on blockchain ) Steem On !


Yes and we people who are already on steemit can do it we can make it bigger and better by telling friends and family to join steemit so it is in our hands lets make the best out of it Steem on brother and have a nice day :)


I find the content on reddit to be far better than the content here.


I think it it depends on what you are looking for but yes you find good content on reddit too. I was more talking about FB and twitter.

Awesome video man! I believe Steem could easily be $15-20 by 2020. I know there are people with much higher estimates. But I would be happy with $15!


Its difficult to predict, but I also believe in a much higher price by 2020.. it could be $100 or $1000

Great video. I believe if Steemit keeps evolving and works on implementing the ability to solve real world problems through peer to peer personal and business transactions on the platform along with being able to convert Steem or SBDs directly to fiat by bypassing BTC, there's no ceiling to how big it can become.

Yeah amazing to see our blockchain rendered on a screen ) Beautiful indeed the Future) nice post @fyrstikken ) i voted on the after thirty minute mark, was funny seeing the huge jump in the voting rewards !! Steemit is alive and well )


This is the best work @fyrstikken did till date... got to give him that!!!

What will your STEEM Account be worth in 2020? Comment below!

If denomination still work, then I think in x10-x20 times more

Just really great, so amazing. This took some time to put together..

I was explaining to a friend what STEEM is, and it's not that easy sometimes:

Imagine a lush unspoiled green valley, that goes as far as the eye can see. You stake your claim; put up a fence and make an area your own. As much as you can make use of it, and maintain it, it's yours.

As I say in the article above a few months ago, nobody is doing anything like it. And it's the basis for a new internet society, fabric and economy.

is that @fyrstikken narrating or Arnold Schwarzenegger whipsering! lol I like it very cool ;)


Very intense, yes ;-)

wow @fyrstikken what a voice!!! your voice is magical , emotional and mystical , upped. Like the video a lot and believe that steem will be 1K withing 3 years time.This post relates to how I exposed steem co founder ..Please see it Exposed: @Dan Hidden Plan To Take Over The World . see link;
Keep steeming to more success, yu always have my upvote.

holy shit this is like a sci fi thriller

i am living too far in the future, go back we have to relearn javascript and HTMl before we get to blokchain social media shiiiit

omg who RENDERED THAT VISUALIZATOOn and HOW did they do that!??!?! HOW LONg id it take and can u re make this video wioth even more graphics?!?!?

LOL funny af. And agreed, one of the most innovative products of the 21st century. Should actually add reverb and stereo to your narration btw. Steem = 100 usd by 2020.. :P


100 usd? im betting on 30-40 usd, the steem structure needs publicity and investors! Not to mention removing steemit from the shadow of bitcoin.

Do I hear a music producer speaking?! :D

Awesome, so interesting..
Upvote and resteem @fyrstikken

Best sources ever, day made!

just one word:




you are here too :D :D

*Photo stolen from somewhere on the Internet

you can not do it this way @fyrstikken!!!

Wonderful Video! It made me laugh and hungry at the same time! Great JOB! Upvoted as always! I would love love love to see more of this.
Have a blessed day!

Steemit is an educational and social education that pays you for your time and social value. Great idea and film.

Sick post!!! I really loved the graphics, I mean I'm a developer and I would love to see some of my projects being graph like that. If you let me ask, do you know how was the video done? I'm really impressed! Its something beautiful. Thanks for sharing you made my day with this one.

Hopefully my account will then be worth the same as yours is now :) What will yours be in 2020 @fyrstikken?!

Steem is the... EVERYTHING. Lol. We truly can't miss out on this!
Well, I'll try to guess my account worth in 2020. How about 100k dollars ? hehe

Mine? Probably $1.50 ;-)

Awesome video.

Haha great video!

time to be the conservative guy!!! I like it how it is :( :P


Become a whale, lolz

This comment stolen from somewhere in english dictionary

I'm now watching the video and the steem blockchain looks powerful and faster than i thought. Great video, I want to see the steem price over $10 for 2020 :)


you mean 2018, I believe


I'm not sure for 2018 in that price

Stole a pic from the internet. Released a top-secret video. Then added that rebels song from Mr. Robot. Who is @fyrstikken?

I think that the price for Steем will rise sometime ten times. I still reserve them :)

Great vid 👏🏽I believe Steemit & Steem take us places where we haven't been before. If your reading this post, your apart of this change in humanity.

this shit is hilarious lol but great info man!

I have watched the video, and wow ,, very cool. A great future illustration. I hope the account can last until steam becomes a millionaire. thanks. @fyrstikken

I also liked that you showed how we can already collaborate to do things we otherwise might not be able to do alone. I have no video editing knowledge... but with the right friends and exchanges... anything is possible... that's not even touching international financial restructuring.

Tidig post @fyrstikken
Dette er bare starten på noe sinsykt 😎


helt sant

Fantastic !!

In 2020 total steem population will be around 50 million.
Calculated at 300,000 now and adding daily (0.5%) daily [1500 daily].
I have no idea of price and other things.

Wow like your post
Up vote and resteem

I'm not sure how Steem works at all. The upside is when ever i sign on, I get a laugh or at the least a chuckle. I am also interested in making a few dollars, but have not been able to figure out how. Any help would be appreciated. Keep the good vibrations flowing! :)

You the man for sharing this , honestly his voice made it feel like dooms day was coming , I was like woow !! I am waiting till Steem rises as well but I'm hoping this is not a distraction that we watch it rise and there's a big downfall . @fyrstikken

P.s - it's okay to steal sometimes :D lmao

Steem is already big but this is just the start, steem is gonna be huge...

I hope Steem hits $5 by the end of this year!

How can i buy Steem?I know it sounds silly but I have not been able to purchase.
Can some one send me a step by step instruction note?
If i can purchase some steem, then I can help others promote and visa versa.
many thanks
Steem On!

This blockchain is so pretty!! :)

I hope Steem will be worth at least $10 in 2020.

(PS great photo credit on that first image :))

Great post, amazing video, congrats for success, Cheers!

Excellent video - great message, yet hilarious as well, brilliant!

Upvoted and resteemed


you shoould make a series like honest movie trailers

My goldfish watched this video, now it's a whale!

I wish it can go to the sky. It's such a great platform that offers so much value.

Man, my ears en eyes where glued to my phone while watching this. Plain brilliant. Will use this to convince my friends to join Steemit as well. In the mean time the comforting voice of Fyrstikken I will use to fall asleep with...

your video reminds me about this one :D

Photo stolen from somewhere on the Internet.

Over 1 million $$$ in 2020!

What a mystically video man!


You should avoid stealing pictures from the internet, lol


lmao :) That sounds like a MEME :D


meme is my second name :))


hahhahahhah great one buddy :D


good days are coming back!


wow the reply bot is really getting smarter!

I love this optimism and infectious vibe growing here. So good to be in the community. Steem on to victory!

Excited for the future of Steemit! Excited for the future of crypto currency in general. Well done on making the narration suspenseful and mysterious, :D

This is off topic but I'm hoping you can help me out. I send some SBD to @booster last night and I received the frontrunner guild upvotes but not booster's. It wasn't much - only 1.341 SBD but I'm wondering if I did something wrong? It was my first time using this service.

Thanks @fyrstikken!

Nice video and I loved the editing Part very much, Why you have chosen the background music that of the horror movies. I n the whole video I was expecting , you are going to reveal a big sceret and we will scream out badly like we have seen a ghost.

Very good video, I watched it up, iam sure in 2020 steem still survive and even ahead of today, and you are one big millionaire in steem, I see it is in you
Keep doing the best.

Looks like DNA molecules. Nice video representation and choice of song too.

He Steemit blockchain is something revolutionary that has not only changed my life but it will change the worlds.
As the community grows with numbers increasing around the world more people are connecting and experiencing his beautiful network
Join in before you miss out. Fuel your greed so much and feel that FOMO until you have nothing left. In return you will get hundreds of times more thank you investment
Thanks for this great secret @fyrstikken
I think mine will be maybe worth $100,000 or maybe even more
All I can say is invest in steem power while it is relatively cheap compared to the future

This video is spectacular. Love it.

Seems very interesting ..
very 'cool' and hilarious.

Ok, @fyrstikken we had a few fall outs, but this video you and @picokernel made is VERY VERY good work!! Sides of your personality was a bit off... but this work makes up for it... you are a great guy!

Steem on!!


PS: Upvoted and resteemed.

It is a pretty interesting ecosystem for sure. So much potential it is unreal. I'm certainly glad I found out about it!

$0... I'll probably be dead! Who's that in the pic??? Looks a little like Suck Markerberg!

Pissing myself laughing

wohh i am really amazed to see that :D

Steem is like a new kind of Wikipedia, except instead of being an encyclopedia, it's a platform for new art and ideas. Love the video!

I'm hoping my STEEM account will be worth tens of thousands of dollars in 2020!

I Hope My Steem Account Hits $100,000 in 2020, And By That Time Yours Will Be Worth $1 Billion Dollars @fyrstikken :)

You sound like the Terminator. Nice! Steem on!

The power of FOMO compels you!

over 1 million woww. what a great video.. awesome

I am not sure what my account will be worth in 2020, but I am enjoying the journey for now.

When I consider the investment side of Steem, I consider the growth of SteemIt and what traffic we are generating. :) That may change, but at this time that is what I use to measure whether or not I consider the site worth time and investment and not just hodling.

in 2020 my steem account will be worth at least $200,000 , and wow youre already at $844,674.33 ?!?! NICE Man thats SO nice VERY hapy for you! Youll have 200 million if i have 200,000 !!! you are so close to 1 million dolars in sacrificed a lot to stay in steem, u could have beenmaking a lot more with bitcoin! Im glad you are in steem tho ur helping prop up the porice for sue! if u power down ud trgger a mass ell off heh,

u are hodling for all of us in a way!

hey man this is incredibke trhis video is so nice and feels liek a movie, that viosualization was great and all but what u made was way better!
VERY POWRFUL and im NOT just saying that! i MEAn it i saw this and was liek WOAH i paused in a few seconds in as you begin to say "It as something more etc etc" and I got so excited! this video is hgonna really help bring in users! and more videos like this arte what we need! technical visualizations of how stemit works or at least visualizations so complex that they show steemit is complex enough to Trust

Nice posting,
Brother @fyrstikkenI've watched the video, really very fast steemit development in the world, in the video looks nets Steemit growth is really fast but there are things that make me very worried that the occurrence of account blocking by admin. I hope that the blocking of accounts can do as much as possible so that the author can be more creative in writing. thank you.

Best regards


ouuuu the fire is burning