Facebook have deleted Tommy Robinson's page.

in tommyrobinson •  4 months ago 

Tommy's Facebook page and Instagram have been deleted.

This account will become much more important as Tommy's new TR.News website is nearing completion. Stay tuned.

Be assured this Steem account is a direct link to Tommy Robinson.


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I'd like to resteem this very interesting development to my 3500+ followers; but I still don't have any sort of verification that Tommy's behind the account or even knows about it. Has he mentioned this account anywhere you can drop us a link to?
If not, write, 'I'm on steem, @tommyrobinson' on a piece of paper, have him hold it for a photo and post it.


I would agree with @mattclarke, until we get confirmation, I won't be resteeming.

Even something as subtle a steem logo on a t-shirt would be nice to see confirm it's genuine.


We are cautiously optimistic this account was setup in good faith by @brianoflondon and he does have a photo of himself and Tommy but we'd like some sort of confirmation as well.


Tommy has just mentioned Steemit on his YouTube channel


Hey @condra do you have a link please?


Even if he just 'knows about it'. If he doesn't, just tell him about it.

Resteemed. Thank god we're finally getting some sane voices on this platform to counter all the commies and SJWs!

Bless Tommy Robinson. He's a great man that has been treated completely unfairly!

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Know that many of us (I dare say the vast majority of us) appreciate what you do Tommy Robinson.

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Had no idea you had a presence on steem, good to see you here. YouTube hasn’t taken down panodrama yet but they are stifling its ability to be found. Loads of people on Instagram are going to download and re upload your vid to YT, see how they like it 🤦‍♀️


Bitchute has a mirror of it too.

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I'm shocked and appalled.

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