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BEYONDBITs are Powerful Cross-Platform Tokens
Worth Being Noticed!

WHALESHAREs are a token similar to BEYONDBITs, that are used for the same purpose.

Summon a Whale with BEYONDBITs! These bits are powerful Cross Platform tokens that display a unique use case that has been largely underappreciated within the Crypto Sphere. WHALESHAREs can also be used to summon a whale (although they are not as powerful as BEYONDBITs).

While many crypto media platforms laud the thousandth new innovative (but unscalable) cryptocurrency, platforms like BitShares and Steem have given us the capability to innovate and create a token system that would be capable of imbuing the power (and value) of human cooperation into a token backed by steempower...and you.

I believe that Showing this powerful Cross Platform capabilities between BitShares and Steem is an action that will drive an increase in attention, appreciation and market sentiment for both Steem and BitShares. So what are you waiting for? Help me build Voltron...

It is the synergy between these chains that will show the rest of crypto How Fast DPoS Chains really are and what this speed makes possible!

Just in time for EOS...aka Voltron's Shield.

But Building Voltron is No Easy Task...

I need Your Voice and Trusted Network

So onto the Mission, its Rules (and Rewards)

🚀 The Mission

Promote the "Smoke.io + EasyDEX Synergy Art and Promotion Challenge" on Twitter

Step 1: Sign into Twitter
Step 2: Follow @eos_io Twitter
Step 3: Follow @beyond_bitcoin Twitter
Step 4: Post the following post exactly as you see it (copy/paste):

beyond_bitcoin announces the Smoke.io + EasyDEX Synergy Art and Promotion Challenge https://steemit.com/smokenetwork/@officialfuzzy/smoke-io-easydex-synergy-art-and-promotion-challenge-smoke-and-beyondbit-prizes-inside #smokenetwork #easydex #eos #beyondbitcoin #whaleshares #cryptocurrency @bitshares @eos_io https://twitter.com/Beyond_Bitcoin/status/996584742236585990

Step 5: Add the following image as an attachment:

Step 6: Post a link to your tweet below in the comments along with the following:

  • Your BitShares Address
  • Number of Twitter Followers

📜 The Rules

Rule 1: You MUST follow @beyond_bitcoin twitter
Rule 2: Your twitter account MUST HAVE OVER 100 followers
Rule 3: You MUST NOT be a suspected Scammer on Steem
Rule 4: You MUST copy and paste the EXACT tweet message provided. Misstatements and misspellings are not guaranteed SMOKE
Rule 5: Accounts Spamming this post will not receive SMOKE

Notice: Rights reserved to add needed rules as required to combat Trollishness

✩ Challenge Rewards

  • Participants in this trial will earn 1 SMOKE for each 100 followers up to a maximum reward of 30 SMOKE.

  • A minimum reward amount will be established based on final payout on this post. If it earns 200$BD and only 1 person participates, this participant will receive 200 SMOKE (assuming participant complies with rules above).

  • Rewards will be capped at 500 SMOKE

  • If this post earns over 400$BD, cap will double to 1000 SMOKE

  • You may Tweet up to 3 times and post them within this thread (only those tweets posted before post payout qualify).

  • Accounts that qualify and have over 10k followers on twitter will earn 5 SMOKE even if cap is reached!

  • ReTweet the original Tweet by https://twitter.com/Beyond_Bitcoin (https://twitter.com/Beyond_Bitcoin/status/996584742236585990) to earn 2 additional SMOKE.
    Please indicate whether you Retweeted in your comment!

  • All rewards are paid out after this post pays out!

  • The person with the most followers will receive 1 EOSBIT!

  • Everyone who participates will receive 2 EasyDEX.PB!

What are Whaleshare Tokens?

Whaleshares started as a conversations in the BeyondBitcoin hangout series shortly after Steem was launched historically in those very hangouts. It began as "community tokens" or "tag coins". These cross-chain tokens give their holders the power to Summon a Whalevote to posts without having to pay for attention. And they are only given to people who Participate in Challenges, Win Contests and do other things of value for the community!

Whaleshare tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares/OpenLedger account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steem posts!

Join the BeyondBitcoin Communities

Please join in the discussions with us by becoming a member in ANY or ALL of the BeyondBitcoin and Bitshares communities. We have a wealth of knowledge and information waiting for you.

EOSTalk Discord
EOS.IO related community and topic discussions.

Whaleshares Discord
Steemit community discussions, contests and events.

Project Milkbox Discord [NEW]
Project Milkbox community and topic discussions.

Bitshares Discord
Bitshares development community and discussions.

🏆 Your Organic Network is Valuable!

Of course many platforms offer the capability to pay for others to promote your crypto initiatives, but where is the fun in that when there is a platform like Steem where I can leverage cryptocurrency and a community of cryptocurrency lovers...who also have valuable organic networks more likely to have interest in cryptocurrency?

This is even more true when the people who wish to join in the fun are also people who will accept my own Proto-SMT token, the Beyondbit, in return for their efforts! I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks for Helping Build Voltron & for Your Continued to Support!

All BeyondBitcoin content is powered by Steemit.com so please join the new social media movement that enables Creative Commons content creators and Open Source developers to earn funding for participating in the community's growth and sustenance. Post to Steemit.com to earn and pay others with a simple upvote!


Tweet: https://twitter.com/Konelectric/status/996932709627912192
Followers: 307
BTS: yourship
Retweeted the original post.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/leyargoz/status/996821052268347392
Bitshares: leya-argoz
Followers: 734

Thanks for this opportunity!
I do follow the 2 twitter accounts mentioned.
I tweeted your message and here is the link:
I have 1956 Twitter followers.
My BitShares name is kenny-crane
I also ReTweeted your tweet.

Bitshares account: teslim-90
Twitter followers: 1345
I retweeted the original tweet

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Zingybite/status/997083515694014465

Number of followers: 695

BTS Address: zingybite25

Retweeted the original tweet

Followers: 346
Tweet: https://twitter.com/luismid_/status/996987589155573761
bts: blacklibertario1

Thanks! I love your work! and Thanks fuzzy for the votes delivered in my posts! you rock bro!

Link to my tweet

Bts id: emekacollins2018

I also retweeted the original tweet

And you have 180 follower.

1st tweet: https://twitter.com/Renegade_Cesar/status/997118236352241664

Bitshares account: sms3312
Twitter followers: 25798
I retweeted the original tweet

tweet: https://twitter.com/arevalomariana/status/997444117268500488

Number of Twitter Followers: 367

BTS Account: mariana4ve

Retweeted the original

Tweet: https://twitter.com/djlethalskillz/status/997108730310242309
Followers: 1,865
BTS: djlethalskillz-777


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