Redfish at $0.31?

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I invite you to buy and hold Redfishcoin
Nobody selling their redfish now
and the 25th day of September is coming!

The more redfish you hold
the more profit you can have?

Earn Passive income with Redfish!

And good news is you can get redfish FREE via PoP
Check here: Proof of Participation Post

Redfishcoin Earnings!

hold minimum of 100 Redfish to earn 3% monthly Staking!
hold minimum of 500 Redfish to earn 5% monthly staking!
Hold minimum of 1000 Redfish to earn 7-10% monthly staking!

Get Free Redfishcoin Via PoP



Proof of Participation Post

Get 0.2 redfish/submit
comment your;
2.-upvote this post
3.-resteem this post
4.- waves address
-Receive Redfish after Verification!


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You got a 3.87% upvote from @booster courtesy of @redfishelp!

waves address: 3PA19Tz4DojgXyMeA8DMSsZUUhrfygvzrtV

PoP Verified

Redfish Sent

username: tyrian-kelda
waves address: 3PJ2qmUzVXDTv2YLfZGWXxAv8UuqmUCzxK2

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