Workers & Dreams

in #tnam0rkenlast year (edited)

Good afternoon! 🙃

Due to the filling Golos with all kinds of garbage and the flag wars in Steem, the desire to writing something has disappeared for a long time.

But thanks to the latest changes, including the system of workers Golos, the desire seems to have returned.🙃

Therefore, in the near future I have a couple of different workers for Golos.

Next, most likely I will return to video tutorials and, perhaps, I will start writing articles about the work fincubator.

And someday I’ll start to fulfill the plan 1000 and 1 review on games from my Steam-library

Here you can learn about the first worker, as well as make suggestions and wishes.

For fans of auditing - check me completely (:

I remind those who wanted to buy a lifetime membership - I have a system of discounts for my referrals in BitShares, especially beneficial to my subscribers.

I will be grateful for any criticism and advice on working with video/audio/feed, as well as for your support in the form of subscriptions and upvotes on Golos, Steemit, YouTube & Telegram

Warning! Caution! Referral link to RuDex!

With respect to readers and random passers-by, your l̶a̶z̶y̶b̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ @tnam0rken


Там забавные вещи происходят последние полгода))

Главное чтобы эти забавные вещи приносили какой-нибудь доход.

Стим и голос давно не про доход))