Freewrite: sound check!

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"Sound check!" squeaked Svetlana excitedly.  It was her first day at her job as the new voice for the brand of Russian cigarettes.  The ones that transform you into a 6 feet tall beauty with blond hair, blue eyes, and pearly white teeth.

"One, two, three."

"Test. One, two, three."

"Check, check."

"Can you hear me?"

Marko could not hear a word from the other side of the window, but knew that Svetlana was speaking.  He could see her full lips move, and could not help thinking of what else he would do to those lips.  He gestured to her by rotating his hand in a circular motion as if his whole arm was a giant Q Tip, and he had the sudden urge to clean his hear.

"One, two, three. Test."

Still nothing.


And nothing.

But by then, Marko was completely smitten with Svetlana and her red lipstick, Svetlana all legs and breasts, Svetlana queen of Ukraine, and queen of his heart. 

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Get liberated and freewrite too!  Look up @mariannewest to see how her creative genius got half of us to write freely and on command for 5 minutes a day.  

Check out this other short story from me with a different Svetlana. Apparently, I like the name Svetlana a lot.


Careful now, Svetlana is some fathers little girl you know! 😮

Just kidding, but it does make me think about how hard it must be for Dads as they watch their daughters grow into women.

Thanks Dea,
I have no idea how it is for fathers, or mothers for that matter. But as women, we can identify with being "targets" for men sometimes rather than "women." (#metoo)

I can't abide by that mentality, it shows a very base character and I have always steered clear of people like that.

Good luck steering clear from people who have that mentality. They are everywhere!

This is ab awesome Freewrite and I'd love to learn more of Svetlana's story!

Ha! Of course you can transform into a gorgeous specimen if you smoke cigarettes! (Did you know that they're good for your health as well..😂) It's like when the car commercials have attractive people with the car and you wonder..."do they come with the car"?

Today I am Marianne's specially programmed robotic delivery squirrel. I'm scampering through the freewriters, bringing our lady's next creative prompt.

Oh yes, I forgot to include cigarettes, my nemesis, in my stories!!
Thank you for reminding me.

There is an awesome delivery from the Toastmaster' winner on youtube about cigarettes. I LOVE that opening. Check it out.

(I do not know him and earn nothing by sending you there, it's just a helluva opening).

Let me know what you think.

His point was so hilariously and eloquently made! I completely agree that the way we deliver our message affects how it is received. We have such power with our words. With a single sentence we can create, inspire, destroy, and debilitate. How often are messages brushed aside because of the way they were delivered? Even in conversations between friends, this can happen. When you bring in social media into it, you can see how the choice of words has an impact. How many posts have you read that cover the same topic, and try to make the same point, but garner very different responses?
Thank you for sharing this with me!

Well said. I am glad you went to see the video. I keep watching it too, hoping that I will become a better speaker myself. I hope it was worth your time. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, too!

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