VLOG #20: How To Know When It Is Time To Let Go ♥

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You only lose what you cling to    - Buddha

I am very passionate about certain topics and relationships is definitely one of them. Through relationships, our souls evolution is able to accelerate at a fast rate inside relationships. Therefore we should be grateful for all the lessons it teaches us. It is important to examine certain questions and I go over what those questions are in this video. I also reveal some huge nuggets at the end!

Learning to see different viewpoints and other peoples perspectives is a beautiful thing. 

>>>You might have fallen in love with somebody where you have chosen to create an identity of that person in your mind, when it wasn't even who that person really was but you created an alter ego based upon the type of person that you wanted. You could have projected that identity onto your partner - when that was never them to begin with. 

All the answers are at the beginning of every conversation

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Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


Another killer video hun!

There are far to many things I could say about relationships. I'll do what I can to keep this short and sweet lol.

I grew up around really intense ones too.

It seems compatibility is vastly misunderstood.

Personally, letting go has always been tough. Mainly cause I see the investment I've put into it and want to see that investment pay off.

There are so many reason to let go though. To distill it down and capture it at its core, I would break it down to 3 things, in this order.

  1. Are you good, on your own, without the person.
    If so, it's a great step toward being great with someone else.
    If not you may want to let go and work on yourself. We really will not have good relationships until we're good on our own.
  2. If you are good without them, then are you better with them?
    If what you have with them does not add to your already solid self, then your reasons for being together are likely superficial.
  3. If the above 2 check out then, are their answers to the above two questions in line with yours?
    If they are not good without you, or if they are and they are not better with you, then the relationship will tilt to one side. A recipe for disaster later.

Often with our emotions heightened and potentially chaotic, from being in a relationship, we will not be able to simplify it quite like this. Or we may justify reasons to not listen to our own reason lol.

Run as you may! You cannot escape...the Almighty Bunghole!

Okay, can I just give you an Award for the Best Comments Ever!? :) @michaeldavid

Please do hun! :) I tried to hold back on that one lol

Big topic.

You rock @awarenessraiser!

I deserve you. 😉😘

Ayeeee! Seems like we haven't talked in centuriessss

You are so nice!

Relationships can be hard. But we must first learn how to be happy on our own first, only then relationships can flourish.

Thank you girl!

I believe that being happy by ourselves first is key as well! :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

You're welcome!!! :)

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Love this! Relationships are so important and do evolve us. They give us such strong feelings which can move mountains.

If it wasn't for relationships > it would take a billion times longer for us to grow lol

Lady-Boss. Thanks for this! Nice idea for a post-series :) Relationships are definitely VITAL for any real progress.

Talk soon.

Thank you for the support boss! I always appreciate you :)

Talk soon. My latest post will be up in 5 minutes :)

Always will be a fan of the wardrobe

Letting go...I think it depends on the sign...or personality. I think...some signs are just not into loving someone...more than say...they love themselves...They place more emphasis in protecting themselves or ego...or pride...whatever is their self focus. Versus some other personalities who are very loving and willing to go through ups and down because they love their significant other as easily as it is to love themselves...see..key phrase..."as easily as it is to love themselves" We have this thing where we keep separating, dismissing, and taking folks for granted, forgetting what people have done for us easily...all for the sake of "I'm not letting negativity in my life"...I think we have to stop that. Positivity was not meant to have you separating yourself from anyone that poses small conflicts in your life.

I really like what you said! #realtalk!

@awarenessraiser Sharing to have this witnessed far more (and perhaps open up the eyes of some)! Thanks for the properly put up and documented report!.

@awarenessraiser Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough!.

@awarenessraiser Thanks for sharing your activities with finding up and jogging. The 1st yrs tend to be the hardest. We are at our for six yrs non-halt.Carry on Performing at it. Perseverance and exertions tend to be the keys to results.

Wow !
Really informative. Thank you so much for your effort my friend !!