the benefits of bananas for health

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Benefits of Banana Fruit For Health
Benefits of Banana Fruit - Who does not know this one fruit, its soft texture coupled with the yellow color into cirikhas banana fruit, a famous fruit can grow in tropical climate is certainly going to be easy to find in some places, the type of banana also as we know the type of banana itself is very much. ranging from a small size to taste that varies a lot to make a banana has a different name.

But know the mother of banana fruit delicious bananas also have many benefits for our bodies, one of the benefits of a good banana for our body is because of the many good content in one banana, has many benefits for the body to make a banana is a cheap fruit and also very easy to get.

In addition sangking banana easily cultivated, bananas are also on average sold at a price that is not too expensive, with a cheap banana prices bananas save a lot of benefits and goodness for the human body, even some of the trends are ramapi lulur using banana peel , supposedly using scrubs mixed with banana peel will make skin tighter.

Bananas themselves are the most widely consumed fruit in the world, where at least bananas are able to grow in 107 countries in the world, so the benefits of bananas is not a figment, where bananas themselves have a delicious taste, Banana fruit is also ranked fourth among the world food, here are 10 Benefits of Banana Fruit For Health And Nutritional Content:
10 benefits of bananas
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  1. Intestinal Digestion
    One of the benefits of bananas for health is bananas are able to provide good bowel digestion, this is because the fibers contained in bananas greatly help reduce the risk of constipation, Bananas are used to resist inflammation because the process can be accelerated with vitamin C bananas. this is also what makes it advisable to consume bananas after the main meal.

  2. Streamlining the Circulation
    Another benefit of bananas is to accelerate blood circulation, this is because bananas contain potassium which is believed to accelerate blood circulation. on the other hand potassium content in bananas are also believed to be able to regulate blood pressure is also believed to be able to reduce the risk of blood pressure causes stroke and heart attack.
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  1. Normalize the Heart Function
    Another function of bananas is to normalize the function of the heart, by consume bananas are believed to provide nutrients for the body that will support the function of the heart, where bananas containing potassium will be channeled into all the blood vessels where this process will flow throughout the body.

  2. Eye Health
    Believe it or not Bananas are also believed to provide health to the eyes, Bananas have a certain amount of vitamin A contained in the fruit, which later dissolves in fat and it is important to protect the eyes. The compound in this banana will preserve the membrane that surrounds the eye and is a component of one of the proteins that bring light to the cornea of ​​the eye.

  3. Preventing Animea
    The existence of iron contained in bananas can guarantee that this one fruit can greatly prevent animea, later the mother can consume two bananas a day to at least prevent the animea, terlbih for my friend who often overtime.

  4. Diarrhea
    Types of foods such as apples and bananas are very helpful when my friend is having diarrhea, with electrolytes lost during diarrhea, as we know that the electrolyte content such as potassium found in bananas is very helpful in the process of metabolism during diarrhea.

  5. Liver
    When suffering from liver certainly our appetite will be slightly reduced, nantinys my friend can consume bananas mixed with honey as an appetite enhancer, this sngat needs to be done by patients with liver.

  6. Diabetes
    A study has shown that type 1 diabetes, which consumes a high-fiber diet has blood glucose levels and increases lipids and insulin. One medium size banana provides about 3 grams of fiber. so in this case bananas are very useful for diabetics.

  7. Asthma
    In a set targeting children who frequently consume Banana Fruit will be less likely to suffer from asthma compared with children who rarely consume bananas, even the chances are 35% smaller than children who rarely consume bananas.

  8. Bananas Enhance Digestion
    Bananas that contain fiber are good for the body, both soluble and insoluble. Fiber is an essential nutrient in the body because it can help regulate the digestive speed, walking more slowly. where the banana will make us feel full


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