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For those wondering why I am posting this, please see @v4vapid post.

I didn't enter the last contest so thought I would give this one a try. If you read this and think you can do better (the majority of you I suspect ;-) why not enter the competition. There are still three days left with 150+ Steem up for grabs.

The Syrian War. A History in Prose

Graffiti in Daraa, the writing's on the wall
A boy tortured in prison, that's what started it all
What really happened? We'll never know
Truth lost in a haze, let's blame Moscow

The stage was set and the protests had begun
City by city as the fake news was spun.
Snipers on the roof, shooting at both sides
After Libya and Ukraine, was it really a surprise?

With tensions rising, the war dogs smelled blood
Syrians dying, their bodies buried in the mud.
Assad is a monster we're told by the press
He's killing his own people, stomping out unrest

Right on cue, rebel groups started forming
Moderate we're told, just ignore Bashar's warnings
They want freedom they say, democratic reform
But before too long, "Assad must go" became the norm.

Puppets like Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy
Sitting in their offices, everything was rosy
While Syrian's suffered, losing all they hold dear
Lives, homes and children, while the sick bastards cheered.

In May 2012, a ceasefire was declared
but like so many times before, the West was prepared
A massacre in Houta with 108 killed
Nothing would stop their evil plan being fulfilled.

ISIS was next to be pulled out of the hat
not the Egyptian goddess, no much worse than that
Decapitating soldiers and eating their hearts
Feigned outrage from the west, down to a fine art.

As the war rumbled on and into year three
elections took place, fair and free
Assad won clearly with 88 percent
but Western powers aims remained unbent

For a while, it appeared as if Syria was winning
but the weapons kept coming and the terrorists were grinning.
Fighting alone against the west and their proxies
They needed a partner with a little bit of moxie

In stepped the Bear, growing tired of the Eagle
pointing out that western action in Syria was illegal
giving hope to the people that the tide was turning
in their battle to stop their beautiful country from burning.

With Russia involved the stakes just got higher
It didn't take long for another ceasefire
Arranged by the west so their terrorists could resupply
they had to do something, their plans had gone awry

The liberation of Aleppo was almost complete
by late 2016, the 'rebels' were facing defeat
Surprise surprise, another chemical attack
59 Tomohawks fired at Shayrat

By the end of 2017, ISIL was no more,
Russia and Syria had succeeded in winning that war.
The Americans and British were forced to admit
that the Syrian people would never submit

As the Syrian army, helped by Russia and Iran
continued to frustrate the Zionist plan
another chemical attack was crudely staged
White Helmets were filming, the public outraged

It's Assad again, we're supposed to believe
Oh what a web of lies they weave
Weapons inspectors due on the ground
Invited by Syria, nothing to be found

On the eve of the arrival of the OPCW
The tripartite attacks, but don't let it trouble you
The west wouldn't lie to cover their posterior
just forget what happened in Iraq and Libya

With the end of the war, now in sight
don't let down your guard, keep shining a light
desperate times call for desperate measures
the powers that should not be, still want Syria's treasures

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Great work @jimbobobill
What a brilliant piece of writing dude.
I hope those who read it who still believe the MSM BS take time to digest the truth you have cleverly woven within it.


Thanks TP. Much appreciated. It took much longer than I thought it would but worked out in the end. I notice you haven't posted for a while. Have you got anything you are working on?


Another awesome job! Between you and @v4vapids rap I am thinking this is some spectacular stuff. I have not listened, read or given one minute of my life to rap music before!

I think I will keep it that way but you guys keep up the good work.


Ha ha. Thanks for the kind words. We'll make a rap fan out of you yet !!!

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Great words here my friend .. a lyrical history lesson that cuts straight through the bullshit!


Thanks man. Getting positive comments from you TP and LB was a real bonus !!!


No problem, credit where it's due my friend and I really enjoyed your word play. ;)

This is Amazingly extraordinary. Thank you @tremendospercy for resteeming


Thanks. (and thanks to TP for resteeming).

Really excellent writing here @jimbobbill! 100% upvote!


Thanks Lynds. I really appreciate your kind words and upvote


Awww....thanks for calling me Lynds <3 Now you are officially my close friend hehee!!


Right on sister. Right on !

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Very nice work and well put together.