Is Tinder the Best App for FWB Relationships?

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We all have downloaded the app, Tinder. Swiping left or right to allow the other users to know you are attracted to them. When time’s get lonely or maybe you just are in dire need of some quick attention swiping left or right is the perfect solution. It does require much work and then you are able to see who your matches are, which is if they also liked your pictures. Yet, I think most of us download Tinder in hope of a little more than just a few compliments. Even if you do not want to admit it. Tinder allows for a space of meeting new people. Not just in a friendly way either. I mean you don’t usually judge your friends based on attraction level. Tinder has created a world of finding multiple forms of relationships. 

What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Tinder has offered people to be able to find their new loves and also to find that 3 a.m. booty call. It has a diverse range of users offering you to be able to find out what relationship you are craving. I am guessing you are looking for a friend with benefits because who has time for that relationship stuff? 

Tinder, FWBdatingonly or Hinge?

FWBdatingonly is another popular dating site. However, it does have one unique aspect to it. Girls have to be the first to reach out. This does create a flaw for the dating site experience. Woman power is incredible but sometimes you don’t want to be the one taking control. Plus, this could make finding a FWB a little more challenging. The men using the site are already having expectations from the woman using it. With a FWB you do not want any expectations.   

Now let’s talk about Hinge. Hinge creates a more personal experience while using the dating app. Instead of swiping due to attraction level you have to level to something more intimate. The pictures you post of yourself are attached with comments on your travels, facts about yourself, and personal opinions. Then you must reply to the comments or like the comments about a person to show your interest. This creates an immediate connection from similar interests. 

The #1 FWB app.

After comparing all 3 of the most popular dating apps, it seems the conclusion is that Tinder is the top app for finding a FWB. There are no expectations and no similar interests conversations that create an immediate connection. Tinder is strictly based on attraction. Once two people swipe right, meaning you both found each other attractive, then the talk of being FWB can immediately begin. However, Hinge is a close second. You can use that similar interest to create a FWB conversation, just don’t get too attached if you both love your dogs.      


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