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RE: TIME IS NOT A HEALER. Let’s understand HOW?

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Do you know you are God, I am a God, every human being is a God. But how? Just realise that when you die a Ghost will come out from your body, means that ghost came out then you die. until the ghost is inside you, you are alive. Yes, that ghost is God, which is inside you. just imagine that ghost is now inside you and people don't fear you as a ghost, but when you die, and people see that ghost which is in your name they afraid, why? Yes, God the Holy Spirit created us in his own image and in his own likeness. So you are God, you are the creator of your own life. What ever happening with you is created by you so never never blame anyone that, this or that happening with me is for that person. No, never say this ... and you are safe. Complete healthy man. Yes, you are a creator of your own world.


yes, you are correct..god is not hidden to be found by someone. He has expressed himself in every living and non-living form. We just need to find our true self. Before taking birth, we have decided on the course of life and lessons we want to learn, so there is no point in blaming God or others for the experiences we have in life. Every experience is happening for you not to you.

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