How To Slow Down Time

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For the past few years it has felt as if I have been living a second life. That sounds a lot stranger now than when I think about it in my head, but it's true.

If I was not aware of the fact that humans can live many decades older than my current age and I were to have my life end for some reason, I would probably feel as if I have lived a pretty long life. It's definitely an interesting feeling seeing as the fact that the vast majority of people always seem to feel as if life is not long enough or they don't have enough time. In my opinion if you feel that way you either require a shift in perspective, or you simply wasted that time and regret it.


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I was saying to laura today that I feel as if being a 'kid' lasted so long. Now, you could say that because I am only 25, that the reason it feels like it lasted so long was because it has taken up the majority of my life. I think it's something different though. I feel as though my life up until now has been a series of different lifetimes rolled into one big film reel.

Even writing this feels strange because I feel like I sound like some massive stoner hippy, but it's how I feel. There are probably several reasons why I feel this way, but one I can think of right now stands out.

When we're younger our brains are forced to be incredibly alert and active as we run around learning you physical and mental skills. We're learning different sports, how to write, add and subtract, studying history in school.... you get the point. Not only this, but when we're younger we encounter a lot more experiences that are completely new to us, which forces our brains to again be very active and alert.

When our brains are always learning new things, it keeps it active and conscious a much higher percentage of our day. When we fall into more and more habitual behavior our mind does not have to be as active and conscious anymore and we fall into largely patterned behavior. As such, our minds are going to be in a relaxed state a much larger amount of the time compared to when we are kids.

I'm not saying there isn't stress in the adult world, but the average adult is certainly not experiencing as many completely new things as they did when they were growing up.

Ever been in class at school or at work and you are bored out of your mind, so you keep looking at the clock every 2 minutes?

It feels like an eternity. This is a good example because most if not all of us have felt the feeling as if time is moving at a glacial pace, and it is because it is one of our highest moments of consciousness. **We are completely in the moment. Painfully aware of how slow the clock is moving, and not thinking of anything else but how much we want to be past this present moment.

Yup. We're completely present.

The brain can create and detect patterns very easily and people often feel time moves so quickly because they fall unconsciously into these patterns It's safe and it's familiar. This is our default as humans and it is up to break the stimulus response habits that control us by learning to be more conscious.

Because of this I feel as though being a kid literally lasted a life-time, and at the age of 25 I feel as if I am in my next one. I know this is not physically true, but it feels this way.

So, how do we slow down time? Wake up. Learn a new skill. Go for a walk and take the time to notice your surroundings. You have permission to become a kid again by teaching yourself to be more conscious in your day to day life and feeling as if life is not uncontrollably passing you by.

Thank you for reading!

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