The Best Of Scary Time Travel Stories

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You might think that time travel would be fun. There are plenty of movies where people get to jump through time and do crazy cool things, and also see a ton of stuff they definitely shouldn’t do. But, I think we’re all glad that Buckbeak made it out. The phenomena in this video makes me think that someone is definitely breaking the Ministry’s rules, but it seems to have worked out okay. Somewhat. Now, the guy who time traveled to find his future self to share in on some selfies and video-taking? Yeah, that’s weird, but hopefully he isn’t lying. Only time will tell. Remember, kids, always exercise caution when dancing through space time!


Before, people didn't even thought that Nuclear Bomb can exist. Now it's a reality and can be dropped anytime if superpower Nations want to. What's the difference with Time Travel? The world is stranger that what we think and the truth is scarier than any fantasy human can conceive.

That's interesting... There are so many ways to look at it. If you're interested in space travel check out an article we posted about Virgin's accomplishment in the space travel industry. It's crazy how fast these planes can fly... If you follow this link it'll take you right there! Let me know what you think 🚀

Time travel. As impossible and unachievable as it may sound, it intrigues me still. Just hope it happens in this century...