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This weekend I attended the „Schee Handmade & Designmarkt” in Darmstadt/ Germany. I had a nice conversation with the organizer Farid Abroudi, who did an outstanding job. I never saw a design market being organized so well for both, exhibitors and visitors.    

I had the chance to talk shortly with Farid about the possibilities of Steemit and with this post, I´d like to reward him, for his great performance as an organizer and also show him the “Power of Steemit”, in both ways:   

1) Great google ranking (in fact absurdly high google ranking) 

2) Marketing possibilities (for both, himself as Organizer and also his clients, the exhibitors)   

Here I explained yesterday why this post is so important.

This is Farid at work. Picture is taken from his FB (without his knowing, but I hope he will appreciate it)

Here we go:   

As mentioned, Farid did an amazing job.
So what exactly did he do?  

For Exhibitors:  

  • Farid tried to place every exhibitor in a way that each other did not tread on each other’s toes. Similar products where placed very far from each other. Good move!  
  • As it is always difficult to leave your booth, even for some minutes, there was a WhatsApp Service to order food and drinks in the canteen. Great move! 
  • The food was great, and matching even for vegetarians and vegans. Again good move! 
  • There was a helping staff organized at the end of the market. This is always the hardest part for exhibitors: After 2 days of hard work getting your stuff into the car and driving home. Not having to carry the heavy boxes probably was the greatest move I ever experienced!  

For Visitors:   

  • The entrance fee of only 3 € could be avoided for “early birds”. A nice move for interested persons who don´t want to spend money for just looking. And also a nice boost for the beginning of the fair. 
  • There was a possibility to win numerous tokens up to 150 €. This attracted even more visitors and brought another way to incentivize for more revenue at the booths. Classic Win-Win-Win 
  • much more that I as an exhibitor even did not see...     

Who attended the “Schee Handmade & Design Markt”?  

EDIT: apparently the links have been removed by the system... :-(

Alexascha / upcycled jewelry and jewelry design

Anne Svea /  individualized buttons, ribbons, labels and much more 

 Arkantus / jewellery design 

 asavi / herbal salts 

 www.lutherhoenig.de / photographic art  

bellybird / jewellery design

 Cheesy / clocks and eye design from wood 

  Colipi / Illustrations  

elibay / designer children's clothing  

 Frau Ottilie / handmade books, prints, postcards  

  Gazur / fashion, wallets, shawls design  

Hand-Tasche / designer handbags  

 hotchpotch / handmade jewellery design  

isonca / designer bags  

ke chido / minimalistic  jewellery design  

  Kindeskinder / mixed spices  

Kreiszuquadrat / recycling and upcycling interior design  

Kristalin Design / fashion design  

@lamaisonjeandel / jam, barbecue sauces, fruit vinegar  !!! ACCEPTING STEEMDOLLARS !!! 

Lina Cri / individual fashion design  

Ma Couleur / jewellery design  

Madame Marie / jewellery design  

Meeresengel / jewellery made from belemnites ("thunderbolts")  

one million fruits / everything made from fruits  

pani ewa / Jewelry and goods  

Power of Parfumes / handmade jewellery, scented candles  

Press.Bag / Upcycled Bags   

Pusteblume / Mini Bags, Gift tags, X-mas tags and more  

Reciclage / upcycled and recycled giveaways  

SoWhat / designer handbags  

Sweet & Savory / gifts and giveaways from and for the kitchen  

Vansten Design / upcycling recycling and more  

WOOG / fashion design  

Zaubereike / creative punches and more  

ALMA / fashion and jewellery  

BildArt / photography design  

FENNS / handmade and individual gifts from wool, felt and cloth  

Gedöns by Fiöns / designer bags and more  

Fräulein Couture / fashion design  

inspired / handicraft and accessories , recycled and fair  

Jama Ta / designer fashion, giveaways and more    

LIVEALIVE / wooden designer watches   

Madame Marie / jewellery  

Mein Frollein / knitted accessories  

Mela S. / amazing jewellery with real flowers  

Papaya.pflege / papaya soaps and more  

pél yo / design and jewellery  

Rheinhessenschmuck / designer jewellery   

tigapigs / art, illustration, fabric design  

verflixxt & zuenäht / textile accessories  

Volk Metallbau und Stahldesign / design with metal, steel and wood  

skjar / fashion design with real leafs and more  

Kleinkariert / individual design fashion and jewellery  

Take A Shot / Accessories from maple and walnut wood  

Wolfgang Philippi / ink drawings  

de Valdes / Desktop Accessories, bags and sleeves  

Frau SchnickSchnack / individual interior design (from individualised lids)  

LiseLotte / Design for Babys and more  

Zuckerperle / designer beads  

elfensache / knitted fashion and accessories  

FAWWI / leather bags  

paefjes / fashion and postcard design  

smyle / fashion design  

euphemia Verlag / special books  

StateofA / design jewellery  

vondolo / handmade fashion and accessories  

getframed / designed frames  

melon / individual fashion for kids  

credit: Pics and links are taken from here
(I asked for permission)

EACH of these exhibitors is a possible point of acceptance for steemdollars, also a new creative mind, a new blogger, a new person to join the possibilities of circular economy of STEEMIT!

Welcome them please!

Yours pollux.one

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I love the creativity and designs. very good post. thank you

I love it, too. THX.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Extraordinary! Good job @pollux.one - Hope there are plenty of them jumping on the train!

Thx a lot! I hope so, as well!

This looks like a fantastic Design Market, what a variety of stalls! Accepting Steem dollars is always a bonus too!

It was a really great Design Market. A pitty the system "killed" the links I included to each and every exhibitor.

I like the diversity and the creativity! A lot of great designers.

So many great ideas and creativity on these kind of markets. Hoping to talk to a lot more and bringing them on...

can i please ask what it means when it says it is a 100% powerup post? will it affect my upvote?

Of course, you can ask...
A 100% PowerUp Post means, that the reward of this post will be 100% in Steempower (and thus blocked for a certain time) and not in Steem which could be easily taken off the system. This indicates users who will not quickly cash out their rewards and lower the steemprice even more.

And no, it will not affect your vote in any way.

thank you for explaining! overall, i dont yet know if my vote has much value or my status but i hope my tiny vote does something especially to inspire you!

You´re welcome!

This is probably the best post you´ll find as a beginner about voting:


Hoping that helps...

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